On this page you find the IT-Services of Hof University

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File and Folder Services


Access to files and folders

After login on each Campus-PC

  • Drive C: All personal stored files will be deleted after reboot. The hard disc will be reset to its original installation status. Data can‘t be recovered.
  • Drive H: This is your personal home drive, which is only visible to you, is backup up weekly and has a maximum storage capacity of 1GB (1,8 GB for computer science students)
  • Drive L: shared drive for faculty members
  • Drive S: shared drive for students and faculty members (the files in the folder      „s:\studenten“ will be deleted after the end of each semester, project and diploma folders are excluded from deletion)


Cloudacces via browser and mobile devices 

Cloudaccess via Webdav 





All Campus-Printers provide printing/colorscanning/punching/stapling and folding.

Printername/driver color: Kyocera TASKalfa 5053ci
Printername/driver b/w:    Kyocera TASKalfa 5003sw



Attention:  other papersizes (e. g. Letter, Legal, B4, B5, 8K, etc.) will count as A3 print!









Preis je
bedruckte Seite

Preis je
bedruckte Seite


3,20 €

0,80 €




1,60 €

0,40 €




0,80 €

0,20 €




0,40 €

0,10 €

0,39 €

0,09 €


0,20 €

0,05 €

0,19 €

0,04 €

Printing from Campus-PC

All Campus-Printers are preconfigured on each Campus-PC.

Printing from other devices

Printing via MAC, Windows PCs as well as notebooks is possible after individual configuration of each device. See instructions.
Printserver: Hof / Münchberg:

Black/white or color

For color prints use printer with color label and for black and white prints use printer with no color Label at the front cover. Just send your printjob to Printer "dr-hof". 

Locations of the multi-function-printers black/white (schwarz-weiß) or color (Farbe): 



Farbe/weißem Papier


A 021a (2x)

A 025 Bibliothek  (2x, 24h)

A 218

B 008 (24h)

B 212 (24h)


A 115a

B 022 (24h)

D 249

G 025 (IISYS)

C 159



Bibliothek (24h)
Designgebäude 610a (24h)

Plotter locations

Hof: room A115a with DR-TM305-01, room B008 with DR-TM305-02 (24h),

Attention: your plott will be released  with your Campus-Card! Just send your plott to the maschine you want to use.

Follow-Me system

Once you have sent your print job, you can print your documents from any of the campus-printers with your Campus-Card. (scan your Campus-Card across the card-reader). Prior to your first print, the Campus-Card has to be assigned to your windows credentials via the service terminal.

Print jobs that have not been picked up after 24 hours will be deleted. Your printing account will not be reduced.


It is essential that you use approved transparencies. If you use unapproved transparencies the printers can be damaged. Use the transarencies in horizontal direction on the support tray section of the Multi Purpose Tray. In case of printer damages you will be held liable.


Your print account data can be accessed and loaded via the service terminal.

There will be no reimbursement in case of faulty print jobs, faulty copies and faulty operation, or unused ammount of money in your printaccount.

Account overview:




Informations for the Mail Migration to Microsoft Exchange!

When will be migrated?

  • All students are now migrated

How can I access my mails after the migration?

You can access your mails online via Web Browser (Outlook Web Access). The new webadress is

As Username you choose you Hochschulaccount (hof-university\Benutzername) and your „Hochschul-Windows Password“.

You could also connect your Mailbox via "Exchange Active Sync". You connect it via Oulook client or your android or IOS Smartphone. You must use here also your Hochschulaccount, your Hochschulpasswort, your mailadress and as Servername

Why the Windows password?

In the future you need only one password for all services. You can reset your passwort easily over the passwortportal if you have set your securityquestions (

What about my old mails?

Your old mails will easily be copied for you to your new Mail account. When this copy job is finished you will receive an email in your new mailbox with the value of copied mails.

How big can be my new mailbox?

Your Mailbox can have a maximum size of 1,5 GB (students).

What about mailinglists?

The mailing lists are again there as before and you can use it as usual.

E-Mail Webportal (Outlook Web Access)

E-Mail Clientzugriff (Outlook, etc.)

All Clients with Exchange Active Sync will be supported. To connect to your E-Mail adress use your Windowsaccount ("hof-university\accountname") and your Windowspasswors. Serveraddress:

External Products



Office 365

The usage of „Office 365“ is free of charge to all registered students of  Hof University in combination with their mail account.

Here is the Office 365 Registration

Office 365 Portal:

Room-/Hard-/Software search


By using our website room-/hard- and software search, you can find information about:

  • about free rooms
  • the usage of the computer rooms
  • of installed software

Room-/Hard- and Software search 

Location of Computers

Location Hof: Library and in the computer rooms A008/010, A012, A014, A102/104, A106, A108, B006, B012

Outside regular opening hours the usage of computers is limited to the library and B006, B012.

Location Münchberg: Library and computer room 614.




  • Assign Campus-Card to owner (Windowscredentials/Password)
  • Account status
  • Transfer of deposited money from Campus-card to the printing account
  • Cashless services (library, student administration)
  • Operating test of the Campus-Card
  • Retrieval of chipcard-ID
  • Disabling printing service due to loss of Campus-Card
  • Change and unlock of Windows password

You can find further information about the Campus-Card on the student affairs website. 


Hof: Library/printerpool, A021a, B022 - cloakroom, G025 - IISYS 

Münchberg: Library, 610a



Access to virtual private network (VPN):

Download the FortiClient from or

-  Run Setup and select vpn-only

-  Start FortiClient and configure vpn

-  Name it Hochschule Hof (SSLVPN) for instance

-  Remote gateway is

-  Apply and then close the FortiClient

-  Start FortiClient and use your username in this form aexamplehof-university.LÖ (Windows credentials + and your Windowspasswort



Configuration of WLAN for the following operating systems

The WLAN connection is available on the entire Campus at Hof and Münchberg.

Login to the Campusnetwork:


Username/Password: Windows credentials (e.g. mmustermann)

Security type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption type: AES

Authentication method: PEAP-MSCHAP v2

802.1X: Userauthentication

Login to EDUROAM network:

DFNRoaming/eduroam - further information

WLAN Name / SSID: eduroam

Username/Password: Valid username and password at the home campus (e.g.

Security type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption type: AES

Authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP v2

802.1X: User authentication

Trusted certification authority: „T-Telesec Global Root Class 2

-- eduroam installer --

Accessdata Username/Password




Instruktion Passwordselfservice

After passwordchange think about all mobile devices (tablet, mobile phone, etc.), networkshares and printers!
If you forget to renew the password everywhere your account will be locked!
Refer to our WLAN instructions to look up  further information.

User agreement

Document user agreement

Windows-/Mail login name and password

Your Windows login password must be changed every 395 days. In your own interest you should change it ervery 90 days!

If your password has expired you can change it on every Campus-PC by simply login in with your present password. During this login process you will be asked to enter a new password.

You can also change your Password before it expires if you have successfully logged in via keyboard kombination [Strg]+[Alt]+[Del/Ent] -> „Kennwort ändern“.

If you have forgotten your password or locked yourself out (four attempts), also if it is expired you can change your password via our Passwordresetportal, even if you are not at the Campus

  • it is a must to have answered the "Geheime Antworten" before 

At the Campus you also can use our Serviceterminals in case you did not answer the "Geheime Antworten"

  • via service terminal in conjunction with your Campus-Card - the cardconnection for print- and copyfunction with your useraccount hase to be done before - and Online access number(11 digits)

Composition of the Useraccesname

e.g. Hans Mustermann

Windowsaccessname: hmustermann              
E-Mail alias: hmustermannhof-university.LÖ                                  
E-Mail adress: hans.mustermannhof-university.LÖ

Primary password:

Windows: !<Onlineaccessnumber>Hof

Onlineaccessnumber = 8digits (student identification number) + 3 digits (e.g. 12345678945)

You can find these numbers on the documents that you have received from the Student Affairs Office.

Password rules

  • min. 8 and max. 16 digits
  • You need to apply three of four categories (capital letters, lower case, numbers, special characters)
  • The following characters are not permitted   Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü € ß
  • No parts of your name / surname are allowed
  • the new password has to be different of the former one (history of last 10)

With your exmatriculation you will loose all rights to your accounts!

In case of…


faq and info about your Campus-Card (Student Affairs)

FAQ about handling, usage, validity, etc. of your Campus-Card

loss of Campus-Card:

Please contact the Student Affairs Office in room A111 + A113

E-Mail: studentenverwaltunghof-university.LÖ

damaged Campus-Card:

Please contact the Student Affairs Office in room A111 + A113

E-Mail: studentenverwaltunghof-university.LÖ

malfunction of 24-hour access:

please contact the facility management in room A215

E-Mail: gebaeudemanagementhof-university.LÖ

loss of online access number:

Please contact the Student Affairs Office in room A111 + A113

E-Mail: studentenverwaltunghof-university.LÖ

access to PRIMUSS-Portal is not functioning:

Check your windows credential on a campus PC. If this fails you need to change your password. In any other case please contact the Student Affairs Office in room A111 + A113.

E-Mail: studentenverwaltunghof-university.LÖ

you can‘t open your locker:

please contact the facility management in room A215

E-Mail: gebaeudemanagementhof-university.LÖ

problems regarding Online software portals of the library:

Please contact library personnel.

E-Mail: bibliothekhof-university.LÖ

problems regarding the book scanner of the library:

Please contact library personnel.

E-Mail: bibliothekhof-university.LÖ

you need help with the canteen-card recharger

Please contact cafeteria personnel.

Contact Campus Hof und Münchberg


IT-office hour (Room A004 Hof and Library in Münchberg)

Opening hours:

Mo - Do 13:00 - 14.00 h

Semester break / examination period


In between opening hours you can reach us via


Telephone/Fax/E-Mail/Contact form

Phone: +49(0)9281 / 409 3666
Fax: +49(0)9281 / 409 55 3666

Contact form: 

Postal address

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof / Saale



Campus Hof

95028 Hof

Campus Münchberg

Kulmbacher Str. 76
95213 Münchberg