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BIGA Regio

Adequate educational integration of refugee academics in the region

This programme is a STEM qualification for refugees and migrant academics for integration into the regional labour market.

Many of the people who have fled and migrated to Germany have both an academic degree and relevant professional experience. This generally qualifies them for highly qualified employment on the German labour market. As there is a particular demand for skilled workers in the fields of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology (STEM for short) in Germany, employing qualified refugees counteracts the shortage of skilled workers. Nevertheless, refugee academics rarely find employment on the German labour market that matches their qualifications.

BIGA Regio aims to provide an answer to this issue.


The "BIGA Regio" further qualification programme, funded by the ESF (European Social Fund) and the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs, was developed in cooperation between the University of Bayreuth and Hof University of Applied Sciences

The Service centre for Refugees and Integration - Refugees Welcome of the International Office, the Career Service and Company Contacts Service Centre and the Campus Academy for Continuing Education of the University of Bayreuth, together with the International Office and the Career Service of Hof University of Applied Sciences, are offering the certificate course with various training modules for refugee academics.