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Service hours


Monday             8:00 - 18:00 
Tuesday            8:00 - 18:00 
Wednesday      8:00 - 18:00 
Thursday          8:00 - 18:00 
Friday                 8:00 - 15:00



University members have the possibility to use both libraries 24/7.






Monday             9:00 - 14:00
Tuesday            9:00  - 12:00 / 12:30 - 16:00 
Wednesday      9:00 - 14:00
Thursday          9:00 - 14:00
Friday                 9:00 - 12:30




Reservation of rooms

You have the possibility of booking the following rooms in the library Hof:

  • 2 group rooms (for teamwork) 
  • 4 carrels (separated individual workstations)




Library events

June 2024


Language :
13:30 - 14:00

Are you new to the university? In this training you will learn everything you need to know about using the library, such as borrowing, collections, rooms, catalog, further training courses, ...

Zoom: You will receive the access link in time before the event.

Registration is possible to: 20.06.2024

Language :
13:30 - 13:50

You will get an overview of the databases offered by the university library in 20 minutes.

Meeting point: information desk in the library

Registration is possible to: 25.06.2024

Library use

The Hof University Library is a lending library open to the public. The use of services is regulated by the "Allgemeine Benützungsordnung der Bayerischen Staatlichen Bibliotheken".


University Members:

The CampusCard of Hof University of Applied Sciences also serves as a library card with which you can borrow media. The CampusCard allows you to use the 24h opening.


Guest Users:

We issue a guest card to all interested persons over 16 years of age upon presentation of a valid personal document and the completed user application, which enables the borrowing of media. The 24-hour opening does not apply to guest users.

If you lose your CampusCard or guest card, please report the loss to us immediately to prevent misuse by third parties. We also ask you to notify us of any changes of address.



Lending and Return

• To borrow books you can take them directly from the shelf
• A self-checkout terminal is available for borrowing and returning items
• You can also place your returns directly in the book return boxes located outside the libraries. We will then book the media back for you.
• Max. 50 media units can be borrowed at the same time
• You can get an overview of borrowed media in your user account in the library catalog


Lending Period

• 4 weeks lending period
• Shortened lending periods apply during the examination period
• You will receive a reminder by email shortly before the loan period expires
• If you don't return or renew the items you have borrowed on time, you have to pay overdue fines
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​• the first and second reminder will be sent by email. (The third and fourth reminders will continue to be sent by registered mail.)



• You will receive 6 automatic renewals (4 weeks each) - if the medium is not reserved
• As a guest user, please renew the medium yourself in the library catalog
• The renewals are always subject to change (i.e. if a renewed item is reserved by another user, the loan period will be shortened - in this case you will receive a notification by email)
• After reaching the maximum number of renewals, the media must be returned - a new borrowing is possible if no reservations exist



• Media marked as borrowed in the catalog can be reserved (please log in to the catalog with your library number and password)
• You will receive an email when the reserved media are available for pickup
These are available for you to pick up at the information desk for 5 opening days



As a user of the University Library, you can order media via interlibrary loan that are not available in the University Library's collection.

Research and Ordering

Research and order from the library catalog
Information sheet ​​​​​​​



University Members:

• Book loans via interlibrary loan are free of charge
• Copies via interlibrary loan: 1,50 € flat rate for expenses


Guest Users:

• Book loans via interlibrary loan – there is a charge of 3,00 € per medium 
• Copies via interlibrary loan: 1,50 € flat rate for expenses


Note: If you place an essay order, you will have to pay fees in any case - the fees do not expire even if you do not pick up the essay. Cancellations of interlibrary loan orders are not possible.

These media contain selected media for specific lectures. As reference collections, these may only be used in the library's reading room.

At the Hof location, you will find the course reserve collection on the shelves near the carrels (recognizable in the library catalog by the signatures beginning with the lending classification 300).

At the Münchberg location, you will find the course reserve collection in the copy room (recognizable in the library catalog by the signatures beginning with the lending classification 300).

Overview of the course reserve collection in Moodle

(with full text links to the ebooks)


Online catalog of the Hof University Library with Münchberg Department Library, the Library of the University of Public Service and the Hof Municipal Archives.
The catalog contains the entire media holdings of the university library, including all licensed ebooks and ejournals.

University members can also use the library's online services outside the campus network – New: Access via EZ-Proxy – What is EZ-Proxy? (VPN connection not necessary)

Please select the correct link to the library catalog! From which library do you want to pick up ordered literature?

User Functions

  • Research media
  • Orders from the other location (Hof <-> Münchberg)
  • Reserve media
  • ​​​interlibrary loan
  • View user account (e.g. to renew own borrowings)

information sheet - Library catalog

Databases offer the possibility to search for literature or other information independently of the library's holdings.

Hof University Library enables you to research in important databases on the subjects represented at the university. Access is provided via the database information system (DBIS).

The library offers introductions to the use of the databases regularly. 

You can find the offer in the training calendar.

We provide video courses on the most important databases (licensed by the library) in Moodle (library course area).

You can find the database you are looking for here:     Database information system (DBIS)



University members can also use the services outside the campus network – New: Access via EZ-Proxy – What is EZ-Proxy? (VPN connection not necessary)



Subject databases
Full text databases
Address and company directories
Reference works and dictionaries


example view DBIS

You can research all print magazines and licensed online magazines in the library catalog

Print Magazines


The magazine issues of the current as well as the last two years (usually in bound form) can be found sorted by topic on the magazine shelves in the PC room and in the adjacent training room.

All older volumes are in the stacks and are available on order.


All current magazines are located in the reading room.


Digital Magazines

A fast, structured and uniform access to scientific full-text journals is offered by the

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek

The journals are offered according to subjects.

The access options for full-text articles are indicated by different colored traffic light symbols depending on the institution:

• green = free access
• yellow = access in the university network or via external access à you can also find them all in the library catalog
• yellow and red = access to some, but not all, issues of the journal
• red = no access


Digital Newspapers

Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankenpost  (for using the Frankenpost please select the tab Ganzseiten)
Online edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (with archive) and Frankenpost​​​​​​
• F.A.Z.-Bibliotheksportal (with archive since 1993)
New York Times online edition of the New York Times. For access from outside the university, please follow these instructions.
Die Zeit

Pressreader  (catalog of over 7000 digital newspapers and magazines)



Many publishers offer ebooks in addition to printed books.

We provide licensed individual ebooks or even entire licensed packages from various publishers.

The ebooks are displayed in the library catalog just like our print media - recognizable by the icon in front of the title display.

Here you will find an overview  of the publishers with whom we have licensed ebooks.

Open Access published e-books in full text from different subject areas and languages can be found in the DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books).

University members can also use the library’s online services outside the campus network.

New: Access via EZ-ProxyWhat is EZ-Proxy?

Guest users may contact library staff as needed.

Information sheet   research for ebooks

Training and consulting

We like to help you:

- personally during our opening hours

- by mail: library email

- by phone: 09281 / 409-3444 (Hof) or 09281 / 409-8444 (Münchberg)

All university members can take advantage of our wide range of training courses to support their studies and academic work.

Here you can find our calendar of events      Library Events

Publishing and Open Access

Publication server of Hof University of Applied Sciences

Document server  on which scientific publications of Hof University of Applied Sciences can be digitally archived and made publicly accessible, provided that this does not violate any copyright and/or licensing regulations.
In addition to theses, also essays, research reports, and university publications can be posted.


In OPUS you can transfer your document to the publication server via the menu "Upload" in a few steps. The final release of the document is done by the library.

Please return the completed declaration of consent  to the library

Reference management

Hof University has acquired a campus license of the Citavi literature management system. Within the scope of this license, all university members can use this reference management program for studying, teaching and research.

Why Citavi?

Citavi supports you in all phases of working with scientific literature. With Citavi you can:

• research online and import bibliographic information from databases or library catalogs
• record books, essays and other documents
• compile standardized bibliographies according to the citation style
• capture quotes, thoughts and comments, plan and schedule tasks


How to get Citavi


In order to use the campus license of Hof University, you must first create your own Citavi account. Please note that it is mandatory that you register with your Hof University email address. Set up Citavi-account 


Afterwards install the current version of Citavi 

After the installation, you can log in with your Citavi-account. Citavi automatically obtains the license data and you can work with the campus license.

Log in with your Citavi-Account (see above). You will then automatically use the campus license of Hof University.


Citavi offers its own service and support web pages
Here you will find a wide range of support services (quick start guide, manual, videos, forum, etc.).

Library and studies

Campus Hof:

There are two reading rooms in the library at your disposal. In addition, we provide two group study rooms and four individual work cubicles (carrels), a room with ten PC workstations and a workroom for group work (without reservation). These workstations can be used freely.

Bookable rooms:

  • 2 group study rooms for teamwork (2-8 persons). A Presentation screen and a whiteboard are available in both rooms.
  • 4 Carrels (work cubicles)

    You can book a room max. 2 times per week for a maximum of  5 hours. Reservation is possible up to 3 weeks in advance. Keys can be borrowed at the information desk.Please arrive on time. If the key for a reserved room is not picked up by 15 minutes after the booked time, the reservation will be deleted by the system.

Room Reservation

For the storage of personal belongings, you can use lockers during staff-supervised opening hours.

Campus Münchberg:

There are several reading places for you in the library. In addition, you can use PC workstations. All seats are available without reservation.

You can use multifunction devices for printing, scanning and copying at both locations.
Scanners are available for scanning magazines and books. You will need a USB stick to save your scans.

In addition to our media, you can also borrow following tools:

• caddies (mobile workstation with locker)
• headphones, headsets
• presenter
• scanmarker
• writing sets
• ebook-readers

Our team

 Cornelia Kneitz
Cornelia Kneitz +49 9281 409 - 3415

Deputy Head of Library

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