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Career Service

As a service facility, the Career Service offers you a wide range of professional preparation and orientation services.

Career and application counseling

Event program

Job portal Hochschuljobbörse 

Internal job portal StellenHof

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Campus Hof

room A 112


Johanna Franke
+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3317

Maria Schürer
+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3318

Get advice from us

  • Internship
  • Career entry
  • Application / Application portfolio check
  • Labor law framework for international students
  • consultations are possible in person, by telephone, via Zoom or via E-mail

Application portfolio check

If you would like a detailed consultation or an application portfolio check, please make an appointment with us and send us your documents beforehand. 

This way, we can already get an impression and then discuss your request in a targeted manner.

Consultation appointments usually last 30 to max. 60 minutes.


Campus Hof | Building A | Room A 112


+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3317
+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3318

Event program

The Career Service offers various events (work shops, talks) in different areas throughout each semester.

You can find the individual events in the calendar of events, right with the possibility to register online.



            Link to the programm

Career Service events

December 2022


Currently no events

Job Portals of Hof University

Hof University offers you the two job portals StellenHof and Hochschuljobbörse, for searches for (part-time) jobs, internships, working student positions and theses. 

For more information regarding the search strategy, as well as other general job portals, please visit our Moodle.


The StellenHof portal is a protected area that only students of Hof University can view.

The portal contains a large number of job advertisements from Germany and abroad. All offers on StellenHof have been received by the university directly from companies and institutions in order to make them known among the students. These offers can, but do not necessarily have to be published in other job portals on the internet.


Please login to see the job offers:



The Hochschuljobbörse is a joint portal with 16 other Bavarian universities. Companies post their job ads here themselves and present themselves in a company profile

In addition, the Hochschuljobbörse offers Go Match. This is a service in which you express your wishes and requirements for the internship in a questionnaire and then suitable internships are suggested to you within the framework of a scoring.



Additional offers

You wanted to study or undertake an internship abroad (in Germany), have keen interest in learning languages, interested in intercultural fields or attend lectures on intercultural topics?

Hof University appreciates and supports these acquired competencies and therefore rewards you with a certificate. Intercultural competencies eventually belong to key qualifications, which you need to get along comfortably in international associations, be it professionally or personally.

The certificate is hence an extra-curricular offer of Hof University. 

For more information on obtaining the certificate visit Moodle.

Praxistage are "join in days"

Praxistage are aimed at students of engineering, computer science, economics and social sciences and give you additional opportunities to get to know many companies, build your personal network and gain further insight into your professional practice. 

Look over the shoulder of a professional during the workday, visit labs, construction sites, manufacturing plants, etc. Deepen your industry knowledge through company presentations, (online) workshops, etc. Provided there are enough offers for your field of expertise, you can experience 10 different companies or organizations during these 10 working days.

Use the Praxistage for your career

Make contacts for your practical study semester, your bachelor or master thesis, a working student job or use this opportunity to get to know your potential future employer for your career start. Build up your own network! Perhaps one or the other company will also become important for you later on.