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Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is your first point of contact if you have questions about your studies at the university. You also submit applications here, which are forwarded to the examination boards. From here you will be notified of decisions made by the examination boards and, if applicable, the board of examiners. This is where you report if you have suffered an accident (on campus or commuting).

The Primuss Portal is the central communication platform with the Student Affairs Office. Enrollment certificates, payment receipts as well as grade confirmations are available there for students to download. Please keep your contact details (postal address and telephone number) up-to-date in the portal. Furthermore, you can submit applications in connection with your studies here. The semester-by-semester re-registration and exam registration are also handled via the Primuss Portal.

Communication with students is handled via the university e-mail address. In your own interest, please ensure that you retrieve your e-mail.

You will find the person responsible for your study program listed below.

Please contact the Student Affairs Office for all questions regarding your studies (e.g. grade confirmations, internship matters, admission requirements for exams, advancement requirements, etc.) if you do not find a solution to your issue in the Primuss Portal.

Außenfassade der Hochschule Hof

Opening hours

The Student Affairs Office is open for you - also during the lecture-free period - at the following times:

Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 15:00
Friday 9:00 - 12:00

Academic calendar

Here you find the academic calendar for the current and upcoming semester:

Academic calendar - winter semester 2022/23

Academic calendar - summer semester 2023

Study and Examination regulations

For each study program, the Study and Examination regulations describe the required modules and examinations in detail.

Study and Examination Regulations


Find out more about your individual exam schedule and general information on exams.

Info on exams


In the Student Affairs Office, each study program is assigned to a program manager. Please check in the following table who is the right contact person for your study program:

I am enrolled in a Bachelor's program

I am enrolled in a Master's program

Bachelor's programs

Name of the study programYour contact person is...
Business Administration B.A.Holger Edelmann
Business Information Systems B.Sc.Michael Luft
Business Law LL.B.Sonja Andörfer
Communication Design B.A.Elisa Dähne
Computer Science B.Sc.Michael Luft
Computer Science international B.Sc.Sabine Figura-Ogrodnik
Design and Mobility B.A.Aneta Okon
Economic and Organizational Sociology B.A.Aneta Okon
Economic Psychology B.Sc.Holger Edelmann
Engineering Sciences (modular) B.Eng.Michael Luft
Innovative Healthcare B.Sc.Aneta Okon
Innovative Textiles B.Eng.Elisa Dähne
International Management B.A.Holger Edelmann
Media Informatics B.Sc.Michael Luft
Mobile Computing B.Sc.Michael Luft
Textile Design B.A.Elisa Dähne


Master's programs

Name of the study programYour contact person is...
Advanced Psychology M.Sc.Sabine Figura-Ogrodnik
Applied Research in Computer Science M.Sc.Michael Luft
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics M.Sc.N.N.
Compliance, IT and Data Protection M.B.A.Sonja Andörfer
Compliance, IT and Data Protection LL.M.Sonja Andörfer
Composite Materials M.Eng.Elisa Dähne
Computer Science M.Sc.Michael Luft
Digital Business Management M.Sc.Aneta Okon
Digitalization and Innovation M.B.A.Aneta Okon
General Management M.B.A.Sonja Andörfer
Global Management M.A.Kathrin Schötz
Human Resource Management and Labour Law M.A./LL.M.Holger Edelmann
International Project Management M.A./M.Eng.Elisa Dähne
Marketing Management M.Sc.Kathrin Schötz
Mechanical Engineering M.Eng.Michael Luft
Operational Excellence M.B.A. and Eng.Sonja Andörfer
Software Engineering for Industrial Applications M.Eng.Sonja Andörfer
Supply Chain Management M.Sc.Holger Edelmann
Sustainability Law LL.M.N.N.
Sustainability Management M.B.A. and Eng.)Aneta Okon
Sustainable Textiles M.Eng.Elisa Dähne
Sustainable Water Management and Engineering M.Eng.Aneta Okon
 Björn Richter | Hof University of Applies Sciences
Björn Richter +49 9281 409 - 3224
+49 162 2930504

Head of Student Affairs Office

 Holger Edelmann | Hof University of Applies Sciences
Holger Edelmann +49 9281 409 - 3223

Deputy Head of Student Affairs Office / Program Manager

 Kathrin Schötz | Hof University of Applies Sciences
Kathrin Schötz +49 9281 409 - 3222

Admission / Program Manager