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International Textile Online Week

In 2025, Hof University offers the 4th International Textile Online Week.

Course dates: July 2025 (precise dates not fixed yet)

During this digital program, you

  • learn more about the future of textile products and textile finishing, 
  • find out about the success factors of the worldwide textile business and
  • gain hands-on insights into leading textile companies.


Free of charge for students and prospective students.



International students studying textiles at Campus Münchberg

You will get to know our renowned professors and their innovative lectures, including:

  • Prof. Dr. A. Matthäi : "Legal and sustainable requirements for water repellent equipment"
  • Prof. Dr. C. E. Koukal: "Nonwovens & their development - Virtual tour of the new "ifm - Research Center for Nonwovens"
  • Prof. Dr. M. Rauch: "Sustainable dyeing"
  • Prof. O. Lottes: "Non-crimp fabrics for the composites industry"

You will also get exciting insights into student work, come into contact with students of our university and meet guest speakers from renowned companies in the textile chain.

The event will be held as a series of zoom meetings.

The registration for this event will open approximately in April 2025. We are looking forward to an exciting event!


Download our program flyer!