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Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (iwe)

The Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (iwe) is an interdisciplinary center of excellence within the Engineering Department at Hof University. Research projects in the diverse fields of water and energy technology are initiated and conducted in an application-orientated manner. The iwe sees itself as an innovative device which provides an efficient dialogue between science and entrepreneurial practice through looking at current and practical topics.

Currently the following research groups work in the institute:

  • Energy efficiency in industry
  • Technical building equipment
  • Regenerative heating technology
  • Innovative refrigeration technology
  • Alternative production processes for regenerative hydrogen
  • Power electronics for industrial applications and energy systems
  • Simulation technology in the field of energy process engineering and energy systems
  • Environmental management & life cycle assessment 

For further information, please check the website of the Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (iwe) (currently available in German only).