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Engineering Department

Many locations - one innovative Engineering Department!

Welcome to our Engineering Department! We are a department with a structure that is unique in Germany. From innovative and sustainable textiles, to mobility and design, to our new interdisciplinary modular Engineering Sciences program and the Environmental, Materials, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering majors, everything is united under one roof despite different locations. Studying engineering offers you a wide range of opportunities - find out how we train successful engineers!

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Our study programs

The Master's program in Composite Materials is aimed at students who already have a first degree (Bachelor's degree) in a technical field of study and want to gain further training and qualifications in the promising subject area of composites.

Design and Mobility is a Bachelor's program that focuses on the creative design of mobility.  Means of transport and transport systems are considered, shaped, defined; technological and ecological goals are pursued, thus enriching the future worth living.

The Innovative Textiles program provides in-depth knowledge of innovative materials (fibers, yarns, finishing chemicals) and modern processing technologies (surface production, finishing). Today, innovative textiles are much more than "just" clothing and fabrics. They can be found, for example, in solar sails in outer space, in wearables, or in filters for drinking water treatment.

The Master's program in International Project Management is aimed at graduates who have already completed a first degree (Bachelor's or diploma) in a technical or business administration field. Students who would like to bring major international projects to a successful conclusion in the future - starting with planning, through implementation, and ending with control - can apply for this program in both the summer and winter semesters.

The Master's program in Mechanical Engineeringis aimed at graduates of a technical degree program and is divided into the specializations of simulation technology and energy technology.

The Master's program in Sustainable Textiles is the right choice for you if you already have a first degree (Bachelor's) in a textile- or chemistry-oriented field of study and would like to further your education and qualifications in the areas of sustainability and textile chemistry.

The Master's program in Sustainable Water Management and Engineering is aimed at students who have a Bachelor's degree in a technical, preferably water engineering, field of study and would like to deepen their knowledge of water management and technology with a focus on sustainability and digitalization. Here you will get the tools to become a "Sustainability Creator in Water Management".

In Textile Design, you design textile surfaces and products, among other things. Your design competence relates to surfaces of various kinds. The basis for this are design skills and creative sensitivity, interest in modern manufacturing technologies in interdisciplinary applications and awareness of social aspects in a professional-economic context.


Our professors and teachers


Our laboratories

To deepen the theoretical content, the latest equipment is available at both locations in over 10,000 square meters of space in various labs. In practical courses for almost all basic subjects, we first familiarize you with the equipment and basic knowledge; as your studies progress, you can also use the labs and the MakerSpace for your project work. These projects are often carried out in conjunction with the regional economy, so that it becomes clear that what you have learned is also practically relevant.


Our research institutes

In addition to student projects within the scope of studies, research projects are also worked on under the umbrella of one of the University's research institutes. The researchers often come from the ranks of the university's students, who can thus pursue a scientific career with us at Hof University, from Bachelor's to Master's to the doctorate, if they have the right inclination.

Institute for Circular Economy of Bio:Polymers

Institute for Sustainable Water Systems

Institute for Material Sciences

Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology