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Sustainability at Hof University: the campus as a living space

The sustainable transformation of all areas of life is one of the central social challenges of our time.  As a co-designer and initiator of sustainable development, the focus of sustainability at Hof University is the campus as a living space - learning and teaching, researching, transferring and working. At the heart of sustainability at Hof University are the members of the university - students, teachers, researchers and all employees. Sustainability lives through the responsibility of each individual. Each and every individual is invited to submit suggestions for sustainable development at, with and through Hof University and called upon to actively participate in its implementation. Through the integrative and participative approach, sustainability should not only be understood as an abstract concept, but should be lived in the concrete actions and thinking of all university members.

Sustainability message by President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann

Green Tech in focus

- ecological. social. economic.

With the Green Tech philosophy of Hof University, which is based on the balance between environmental relevance, social compatibility and economic efficiency, living, learning and research at Hof University of Applied Sciences focuses on the goal of a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly, socially just as well as economically future-oriented environment.

At Hof University, these ideas of sustainability are achieved through a close integration of theory, research and practice, taking into account the needs of university members and resource-conserving as well as responsible actions now and in the future.

The responsible actions of all university members will be strengthened through the transfer of knowledge and competencies for sustainable development. Sustainability will be an elementary component of onboarding, continuing education and training for all teachers, researchers and employees. A university-wide module will be developed for students in each of the Bachelor's and Master's programs. Students can take this on a voluntary basis and earn the sustainability certificate.

Sustainability manager

Anja Grabmeier

How should one imagine the work of a sustainability manager?

"In a nutshell, my work as a sustainability manager at Hof University involves developing and implementing strategies, goals and measures to promote sustainability - environmentally, socially and economically."    

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 Anja Grabmeier
Anja Grabmeier +49 9281 409 - 5108

Sustainability manager