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International Interdisciplinary Partnership Program (I²P²)

What is I²P²?

I²P² stands for International interdisciplinary Partnership Program and is an innovative program in which Hof University develops and offers interdisciplinary teaching and project modules for students of all disciplines in cooperation with six international partner universities.

It is funded for 4 years (2020-2024) by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with approximately 700,000 Euros.

Hof Studenten besuchen die Kean University nähe New York im Juni 2023

Join and become part of I²P²!

Would you like to gain international experience and develop your intercultural skills without spending an entire semester abroad?

  • Participation in an I²P² module promotes digital, collaborative and intercultural skills in addition to your foreign language skills.

  • You will work in international teams on a current topic or practice-relevant projects. You will use digital tools for virtual collaboration.

  • You will learn to reflect your own cultural position in order to act competently in an international environment.

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I²P² Content - What it's all about:

The International Interdisciplinary Partnership Program (I²P²) is based on cooperation in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams. Whilst working alongside international students from our partner universities across the world participating students also take part in applied challenges and case studies to hone in on practical experience in international companies. 

We aim to break down barriers some might perceive with working in an international company or environment and ultimately want to enable every one of our participants to grow by learning, seeing and EXPERIENCING other cultures and subjects!

I²P² Modules

Company projects are done in cooperation with Hof University, a partner university and a company.

Cooperative lectures are held in cooperation with a professor of Hof University and the partner university.


Each module within the International Interdisciplinary Partnership Program (I²P²) can be accredited with 5 ECTS to students of Hof University.


Not sure yet? 

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Scholarship Application

Hof University awards scholarships from DAAD funds. The application for this is done centrally, through an online form of the International Office:

Please follow the link to apply:

Only complete applications with the following documents can be considered:

  • Proof of academic performance (grade sheet)
  • Proof of English language skills (modules during studies, DAAD language certificate or English grade of the [Fach-]Abitur / A-Level)
  • Curriculum vitae as a table (without photo) and one-page letter of motivation: In this letter, the motivation for the stay abroad, as well as the choice of the target country or the target university should be justified.

Confirmation of receipt is given by receiving the PDF at the end of the online application.

Please note the information in our leaflet! (LINK)


Yes, anyone can participate. Some projects somehow may require certain qualifications. Whether ETCS can be awarded for participation in the individual study programs is decided by the program directors of the respective study programs.

Yes. Whether or not you wish to have your participation recognized by the award of ECTS is not a definitive criteria. What is most important is your motivation.

When selecting who will receive a scholarship out of candidates we evaluate all information you handed to us including your grade sheet, motivation letter and CV. A combination of these factors then allows us to select the most motivated and fitting candidates for the program. Not only grades matter! Make sure to show us why you are motivated to particpate!

We're so happy you loved your experience! There's nothing speaking against you participating again, however you will not be able to receive the ECTS a second time. 

It depends on the project you are participating in. Usually projects take anything between 6-10 days for your stays abroad. However you are free to extend that and spend a few more extra days in your destination privately!

The students from our partner university will then also visit Hof University for a similar period of days within the same year.


 Maximilian Burger
Maximilian Burger +49 9281 409 - 3324

Project staff for the DAAD project I²P²