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Research and development

Applied research at the cosmopolitan Green Tech University Hof ensures the updating of knowledge for teaching and develops solutions for the benefit of the economy.

The focus is on practical orientation, internationalization and intelligent use of resources. The university conducts research and development at several institutes.


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Our research institutes

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Institute for Information Systems (iisys)

The Institute for Information Systems (iisys) is a competence center for the development and application of information systems and works in a cross-sectional function with the other disciplines of the university. Our 13 research groups work in an application-oriented manner, currently in the areas of Industry 4.0, mobility, health, machine learning, knowledge systems and compliance, as well as on social, legal, ethical and sustainable aspects of information systems.


Institute for Circular Economy of Bio:Polymers (ibp)

Sustainable living with plastic products - many are currently facing the challenge of realizing this. The research activities at the Institute for Circular Economy of Bio:Polymers (ibp) stand for innovative and sustainable processes and products with bioplastics and recycled plastics as well as all renewable raw materials and the sustainable and efficient use of conventional plastics.

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Institute for Materials Science (ifm)

Founded in 2011, the Institute for Material Sciences (ifm) develops new products and manufacturing processes in the fields of textile technology and textile chemistry, composite materials, mechanical engineering, surface technology and system materials. It is characterized by its high level of competence and technical equipment and is, among other things, the technology leader for the production of branched braids.


Institute for Sustainable Water Systems (inwa)

The Institute for Sustainable Water Systems (inwa) focuses on applied research and development in the key areas of sponge city, photonics and food production. In addition to these specialist areas, sustainability and digitalization are increasingly coming to the fore as research topics in their own right.


Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (iwe)

The Institute for Hydrogen and Energy Technology (iwe) focuses on the initiation and implementation of application-oriented research and development projects in the core areas of water and energy and links these with the cross-sectional areas of digitalization and law.


Insitute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo)

The Institute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo) conducts research on strategic, operational, legal and social interactions and behavioral isssues in business and organiszations. 


Our team

The Research and Development team works under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Valentin Plenk, the Vice President for Research and Development.

We are the first point of contact for internal and external inquiries concerning research, development and transfer.

Our primary task is to make the "Hof University - Home of Research" and its projects more widely known, as well as to ensure the transfer of knowledge from existing research projects to applications in the region. 

Feel free to contact us if you have a specific research idea or just want to exchange ideas with us first. We will clarify whether we are talking about contract research or a research and development cooperation - or perhaps something else. We are gladly available as discussion partners!