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Insitute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo)

The Institute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo) is working on the issues of the future today. Our lives are changing rapidly. Processes and legal foundations are undergoing upheaval, as is social interaction. That is why the Institute for Economic and Organizational Research conducts research in the fields of economics, law and behavioral sciences. Our institute provides answers to tomorrow’s questions on numerous topics that make the future calculable and solvable for companies.

The focus is on strategic, operational-process-oriented, legal and social interaction and behavioral issues in business and organizations. This means that companies can also benefit from this through secondary research, primary research or products (reports, etc.). 

Our research groups

The BASe (Best Agers & Seniors) research project focuses on people in their prime, as they are particularly attractive customers. Today, more than 30% of the population are best agers (50-69 years old) and 16% are seniors (70+ years old). They have above-average incomes and a high propensity to spend. They are also brand and quality conscious, value advice and service, are open to new technologies and use e-commerce

Our goal is to assist public administrations in becoming citizen-oriented, efficient, agile, sustainable, and digital.

We rely on our digital maturity model, m2, as the foundation of our work.

We use this not only to analyse the situation in the areas of data and technology, but also to examine whether there is a strategy with the associated governance, how processes are running, whether the organizational structure, organizational culture and understanding of leadership allow for change and how well employees are prepared for the new administrative world. However, we are not only analyzing the current situation but also developing digital solutions suitable for everyday use in pilot projects. We are also qualifying employees in part-time Bachelor's and Master's degree courses and researching new approaches.

The KDV receives support from the Upper Franconia Foundation, the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs, and various software partners.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche
Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche +49 9281 409 - 4650

Head Research group Digital Administration