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The service of the Housing Office

The Housing Office helps international students to find a first accommodation in Hof or Münchberg if they are not living in Germany yet. If you are coming from abroad to study and need help in finding accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us! In your admission letter, you find information on how to apply for a student room. 

If your are residing in Germany, please make efforts to find a room on your own. You can find useful links here.

It is advisable to search for an accommodation well in advance of your arrival. 

Wohnheim am Eichelberg Außenansicht

Dormitory "Am Saalepark" in Hof

In the city centre

The dormitory “Am Saalepark” consists of 11 buildings with 227 rooms in total. The dormitory consists of flats for 3 or 4 students and single apartments. In the dormitory, German and international students live together.

  • The rent in “Saalepark” is approx. 332 - 350 Euro/month, including electricity, water, heating, internet access. Security deposit: 370 Euro.
  • The size of the rooms is about 15-24 m² and some of them have a small balcony. Each room has a private bathroom with toilet, shower and sink. All rooms are fully furnished and can be locked.
  • In a flat, 4 students share the kitchen. In single apartments is a kitchenette available.
  • Washing machines and tumble dryers are coin-operated. 1 coin costs 2 Euros.
  • You should bring your own kitchen items, bed linen, blanket, pillow and towel with you.
  • 5-minutes walk to the city center, direct bus connection to the campus, supermarket next door.

Dormitory "Am Eichelberg" in Hof

On the campus

The dormitory “Am Eichelberg” was built in 2018 with 100 rooms in total. The flats accommodate 1 or 3 students.

  • The rent in “Eichelberg” is approx. 377 Euro/month, including electricity, water, heating and internet access. Security deposit: 420 Euro.
  • The size of the rooms is about 15-24 m² and some of them have a small balcony. Each room has a private bathroom with toilet, shower and sink. All rooms are fully furnished and can be locked.
  • In a flat, 3 students share the kitchen. In single apartments is a kitchenette available.
  • Washing machines and tumble dryers are coin-operated. 1 coin costs 2 Euros.
  • The dormitory is located on the campus. You need the bus to get to the city or to get to a supermarket. The sport facilities of the University can be reached in 5 minutes.

Dormitory "Haus Waldstein"

In Münchberg

The dormitory has 38 rooms in shared flats for 2, 3 or 4 students. We have a very limited number of single apartments in the dormitory. German and international students live together.

  • The rent is 257 Euro per month, including all costs like electricity, water, heating and internet.
  • Security deposit: 240 Euro.
  • Each flat has one shared bathroom and kitchen for the tenants.
  • The size of the rooms is about 10-12 m². The rooms are furnished and can be locked.
  • In the kitchen there is a fridge and a stove with 4 hotplates and an oven.
  • Washing machines and tumble dryers are coin-operated. 1 coin costs 2 Euros.
  • It is a 10-minute walk to the old city center and to the campus. There is a supermarket nearby.

Private accommodation

Shared flats and single apartments

Flat sharing for 2 and more students

We have a wide range of shared flats for 2- 3 or more students all over Hof offered by private landlords and housing enterprises. In a shared flat, you will have a single room and you share the bathroom and the kitchen with the other tenants. We also offer some doubles rooms in shared flats.

  • In a shared flat, the rent is approx. 350 - 450 Euro/month/person in single room.
  • In a double room, the rent is approx. 250 – 350 Euro/month/person.
  • The rent generally does not include the costs for energy and internet.


Single Apartment

We also have a limited number of furnished flats for only 1 person. The rent for a single flat is 450 - 600 Euro or more excluding all costs for energy.


Flat for couples

We also have a limited number of furnished flats for 2 person that are couples or very close friends. In these flats there is only one bedroom. The rent for this type of flat is 350 - 450 Euro/month/person excluding all costs for energy.


Frequently asked questions about student accommodation

All information about how to apply for support from our housing office in finding accommodation in Hof or Münchberg you receive in the moodle guide for international students (information and link in your admission letter).
Hof University provides no housing to individuals who come to Hof without prior application and confirmed individual offer.

If you need help with finding a place to stay whenever you come to Hof, please see the guide for international students available in Primuss with your admission letter. Follow the steps for registering moodle portal and fill the Accommodation Application in moodle as soon as possible. After you have paid your fee and filled your application you will receive an email from the Housing Office explaining the further steps. You will not receive an offer for a room without your acceptance of the rule that your room reservation is not depending on your visa or travel status. Nevertheless, please apply for accommodation as soon as possible, as rooms are allocated based on the principle “first come, first serve”. All details about your room option will be mentioned in your individual offer.

You have a fix reservation of a room after you have confirmed it. This reservation is binding for both sides: you assure your landlord that you rent the room for the agreed period of time and he/she assures you that the room will not be given to anyone else. The room is blocked for you. This agreement is valid even if you are using the room or not. 

Should you have to cancel the room, because you do not get the visa or due to any other private, health , pandemic or study issues, you have to cancel your reservation immediately.

After your cancellation, the Housing Office starts to find a new tenant for your room. Should we not be able to find anyone because your cancellation comes too late, you will have to come up for the rental costs, in worst case until the end of the semester. The security deposit can only be reimbursed after a new tenant was found. 

We do our best to send you an offer very soon. Nevertheless it takes  weeks until it is your turn. We allocate the rooms according the principle first come, first served; the waiting list is generally very long so please have some patience until we provide you an option.

We have only semester contracts. They start on March 1st or on September 1st and last 6 or 12 months. You have to pay the rent for the whole rental period even if you do not use the room for the whole period of time.

After you have received an offer, we ask you to confirm or reject this option within 24 hours. If you reject, please tell us your reasons. That helps us to support you better. 

If you reject, we offer your room to another student and you are on the waitlist again.


The first payment should be organized soon after your confirmation, usually before the rental period begins.

The first payment is one full month´s rent and the security deposit.

Your landlord will inform you about payment details.

Please read your individual offer very carefully. In some flats, the landlord has installed the internet for the tenants, in other cases not.

The German public service broadcasters are financed by the license fee. This fee amounts to 18,36 EUR per month and is collected for each residence – regardless of how many people live there or how many devices they are using. All tenants living in the same flat will share these costs.

We cannot tell you which kitchen utilities you will find in the shared kitchen. The Housing Office offers some basics, such as plates, mugs, glasses or cutlery to lend. You can also buy second-hand household items very cheap in Hof. We will inform you during our “after arrival” workshop.

We ask you to inform the Housing Office and your landlord about the exact time of arrival 7 days in advance. Then we have time enough to organize and to inform you. Either you will receive the key from a key buddy or the landlord will wait for you in the flat. 

In most cases, you will have a washing machine in your flat or in your dormitory. Some students will have access to a tumble dryer too. In dormitories and in some shared flats, the washing machines are coin operated. 
If your flat or apartment is not equipped with a washing machine, you can use the public laundries of Hof. 

All students will get a campus card that enables you to use all public transport in Hof and in Münchberg and also to travel between our campuses in Hof and Münchberg by bus and by using the "DB" trains. Attention, the campus card is not valid on "Agilis" trains.

According to data privacy, we cannot give you names and email addresses of your flat mates. If you allow us, we can forward your email address to them as soon as we have all confirmations.

The Housing Office offers accommodation for maximum 2 semesters. If you stay longer, you must look for a new accommodation on your own.

The security deposit can be generally returned within 6 months after the end of your rental agreement.

The entire security deposit will be paid out only if

  • All rents were paid
  • No cleaning has to be done after you have left
  • No reparations are necessary

Otherwise, the security deposit will be reduced accordingly and due to this reason the reimbursement might delay.

In some cases it will take even more time than 6 months; for example when the clearing of the overhead costs needs longer. This is the case if you live in one of the dormitories.