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Specialization area

General business administration

After studying business administration, you will be able to ...

  • develop problem solutions for all economic and administrative functional areas
  • support management in various areas of business administration
  • take on management tasks in business and administration yourself after a training period
  • work on an entrepreneurial or freelance basis
  • you will be optimally prepared for the challenges in the business world
  • a wide range of career opportunities in industry, the service sector or the public sector are open to you.

This means in concrete terms:

In the course of your studies, you will deal with a wide range of business management topics. In doing so, you can deepen your knowledge in various fields of study.

Studierende mit bunten Klebezetteln

Semester 1 - 4
Foundation Area - Regardless of the specialization area:

During the first four semesters, you will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of digital business management, as well as the technical, methodological, personal, and language skills you will need for your professional career:

1st semester:
Introduction to Business Administration; Fundamentals of Economics; Introduction Digital Business; Accounting; Presentation and Facilitation; Human Resources and Organizational Management; Business English I; Cost and Performance Accounting;

2nd semester:
Fundamentals of Marketing and E-Commerce; Process Management; Accounting; Fundamentals of Business Law; Business Mathematics; Business English II.

3rd semester:
Intercultural Competence; Fundamentals of Business Taxation; Fundamentals of Corporate Finance; Fundamentals of Procurement, Production and Logistics; IT Management; Business English III.

4th semester:
Statistics; Scientific work; Project management/teamwork; Conversation and negotiation skills; Sustainability management/corporate social responsibility; Quality management; Digital applications; Business management seminar.

Semester 5 - 6: One field of study 50% + cross-discipline study 50%

  • Digital Commerce and Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups
  • Digital Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Human Resources and Organizational Management
  • FACT (Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation)
  • Digital Process Management and IT Technologies

7th semester - Final thesis

In your last semester, you will write your Bachelor's thesis, ideally in a company.

The mandatory internship semester can be completed in the 5th or 7th semester (in the 3rd semester for dual students). 

These qualities will make your studies and later job easier:

  • Good understanding of numbers
  • Basic understanding of mathematics
  • Interest in economic contexts and entrepreneurial structures
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical way of thinking