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Specialization area

Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups

Do you have a great business idea, dream of starting your own company or would you like to work in a young innovative startup? Then our Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups specialization is the right choice for you.

For founders, basic knowledge in many areas of business administration as well as their interrelationships are indispensable. Especially in startups, much knowledge and skills have to be combined in a few people.

Therefore, you will deal with the following topics during your studies, always from the perspective of a founder:

  • Startup management (including entrepreneurial personality, financing of startups and practical knowledge).
  • Marketing as well as law for startups and e-commerce
  • Creativity techniques and innovation management
  • Business model development and business plan creation in cooperation with the digital startup center Einstein1 directly on our campus
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Semester 1 - 4
Foundation Area - Regardless of the field of study:

During the first four semesters, you will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of digital business management, as well as the technical, methodological, personal, and language skills you will need for your professional career:

1st semester:
Introduction to Business Administration; Fundamentals of Economics; Introduction Digital Business; Accounting; Presentation and Facilitation; Human Resources and Organizational Management; Business English I; Cost and Performance Accounting;

2nd semester:
Fundamentals of Marketing and E-Commerce; Process Management; Accounting; Fundamentals of Business Law; Business Mathematics; Business English II.

3rd semester:
Intercultural Competence; Fundamentals of Business Taxation; Fundamentals of Corporate Finance; Fundamentals of Procurement, Production and Logistics; IT Management; Business English III.

4th semester:
Statistics; Scientific work; Project management/teamwork; Conversation and negotiation skills; Sustainability management/corporate social responsibility; Quality management; Digital applications; Business management seminar.

Semester 5 - 6

Compulsory modules

  • Start-up Management
  • Developing and designing business models
  • Innovation Management and Business Design  
  • Business Simulation/ Business Planning

Elective modules

  • Digital Infrastructure and Internet Technologies in Practice
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Commerce
  • Business Management and Development
  • Strategic and International Marketing
  • Statistics II

7th semester - Final thesis

In your last semester you will ideally write your bachelor thesis in a company.

The obligatory practical semester can be completed in the 5th or 7th semester (for dual students in the 3rd semester). 

Our economy needs experts who have their own ideas and can put them into practice, or who can support and advise prospective company founders in the implementation of their ideas. With us, you will become such an expert and can pursue a wide variety of career paths after graduation:

  • Start or take over your own company (Entrepreneur)
  • Change Manager/Business Developer/Innovator in an existing company (Intrapreneur)
  • Start-up consulting
  • Senior management positions in a tech company
  • Business Analyst

What are the current challenges that the specialization area covers:

  • Digitization is opening up entirely new opportunities for innovation. The global tech startups (e.g., Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix) are among the most profitable companies in the world.
  • Germany is one of the best economies in the world, but it has some catching up to do in international technology competition. With innovative startups, we can catch up!
  • However, self-employment is not just a lifestyle, but also places high demands on personality and competence.
  • Start-ups often fail unnecessarily due to an inadequately thought-out business model.

As a result, there is a rapidly growing need for experts who have their own ideas and can implement them, or who can support and advise prospective company founders in implementing their ideas.

These qualities will make your studies easier:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Economic thinking
  • Assertiveness
  • Social competence
  • Imagination
  • Entrepreneurial spirit