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Business Administration B.A.

FACT (Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation)

Do you love numbers, data, facts and are you interested in finance and taxes? Then the field of study Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation is exactly the right one for you. In this field of study you can choose between different specializations:

  • Taxation Accounting
  • Finance and Controlling
  • Financial consulting (only dual with previous training)
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Semester 1 - 4
Foundation Area - Regardless of the field of study:

During the first four semesters, you will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of digital business management, as well as the technical, methodological, personal, and language skills you will need for your professional career:

1st semester:
Introduction to Business Administration; Fundamentals of Economics; Introduction Digital Business; Accounting; Presentation and Facilitation; Human Resources and Organizational Management; Business English I; Cost and Performance Accounting;

2nd semester:
Fundamentals of Marketing and E-Commerce; Process Management; Accounting; Fundamentals of Business Law; Business Mathematics; Business English II.

3rd semester:
Intercultural Competence; Fundamentals of Business Taxation; Fundamentals of Corporate Finance; Fundamentals of Procurement, Production and Logistics; IT Management; Business English III.

4th semester:
Statistics; Scientific work; Project management/teamwork; Conversation and negotiation skills; Sustainability management/corporate social responsibility; Quality management; Digital applications; Business management seminar.


Semester 5 - 6


Finance and Accounting

Compulsory modules

  • Controlling
  • Capital markets and financing
  • Balance sheet analysis/company valuation
  • Corporate Finance Project
  • Applied Controlling
  • International accounting/corporate accounting
  • ERP systems
  • Business Simulation/ Business Planning


Taxation and Controlling

Compulsory modules

  • International Accounting/Corporate Accounting
  • HGB - Accounting
  • HGB - Special Applications/Balance Sheet Tax Law
  • Specialization in Income Taxes/Specialization in Value Added Taxes
  • Auditing
  • International Tax
  • Datev license


Financial consulting

  • Introduction to financial consulting
  • Financial consulting for private clients
  • Financial consulting for business customers

7th semester - Final thesis

In your last semester you will ideally write your bachelor thesis in a company.

The obligatory practical semester can be completed in the 5th or 7th semester (for dual students in the 3rd semester). 

Globalization and ever new tax regulations for private individuals and especially companies require specialized know-how from well-trained experts. We will make you an expert for "Tax & Accounting" or an expert for "Finance & Controlling". After graduation, a variety of career paths are open to you in business or public administration:

Tax & Accounting:

  • Opportunity to work in companies in almost all sectors of the economy.
  • Accounting, annual financial statements and review of tax burden
  • Employment in law firms or companies that perform audits or tax consultations
  • First step toward becoming a tax consultant or certified public accountant


Finance & Controlling:

  • Management position or lecturing activity in the areas of
    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Controlling
    • Risk Management
  • Specialist and management positions in corporate planning, strategic planning or with management consultancies

What are the current challenges that the degree covers:

Taxation & Accounting:

  • Globalization and ever new tax regulations for individuals and especially companies require specialized know-how from well-trained experts
  • Young talent is needed

Finance & Controlling:

  • The task profile, the tools and the way of thinking as a controller have to be adapted to the new conditions of the technological environment (keyword: Controlling overdue/unnecessary in the future?)
  • More and more data is available: Big Data
  • Controlling must first master masses of data in order to draw the right conclusions from them.

These qualities will make your studies and later job easier:

  • Good understanding of numbers
  • Conscientious and economical way of working
  • Enthusiasm for tax issues
  • Good analytical thinking skills

If you choose the specialization "Taxation and Accounting", you will be able to prepare individual and consolidated financial statements for companies after completing your studies and will deal with topics such as:

  • National and international tax law
  • National and international accounting
  • Auditing

If you choose the specialization "Finance and Controlling", you will be prepared to take on operational and project-related tasks in controlling, financial management or corporate planning. For this purpose, you will deal with topics such as:

  • Analysis and evaluation of corporate success and corporate values
  • Defining corporate goals and the long-term and sustainable success of companies derived from them
  • Statements on the economic success of specific products
  • Capital markets and financing

If you choose the specialization "Financial Consulting", you will be prepared to advise and support both private individuals and companies in financial and insurance planning, in particular to design investment goals and investment horizons together with the customers. This specialization is only open to dual students and can only be completed in conjunction with training as an insurance and finance clerk and further training as a specialist in financial consulting.