Sustainable Textiles (M.Eng.)

"Sustainable Textiles is a very young and new concept. The program Master’s in Sustainable Textiles is very well planned and gives students exposure to recent developments taking place in the area of sustainability and textile technology. It also teaches to build more eco-friendly ideas and focuses on social responsibilities required in today’s textile industries. The professors are highly professional and make the sessions interactive and entertaining.

The city of Hof is located in Bavaria which is the largest state in Germany and full of opportunities and hopes. Hof has a very good scenic beauty and joyous environment. Many people speak English in Germany but German language plays a vital role in day to day activities. Hof University has incorporated German language courses for international students which helps to develop language skills. I am happy that despite of corona situation I could successfully complete my German language by having online classes and scored very well in the exams.

Beside regular studies we can enjoy plenty of leisure activities around the town and within the University campus. I enjoyed my summer vacation by doing a part-time work, visiting the beautiful city of Nuremberg and swimming pools around Hof and Münchberg. I also met many international students and got a chance to make friends from different culture and countries.

Even in the tough times of Corona pandemic the staff of Hof university was standing strong to support their students. Cooperation from international team and welcome team was very excellent. Moreover, we were able to attend our online classes without any difficulties. I would like to recommend to upcoming students that studying at Hof University will not only help them to develop as good students in their academics but it will also help you to shape yourself professionally and get blended in the professional environment."

Ankit Dere
M.Eng. Sustainable Textiles student from India

Program objectives


You already earned a Bachelor in textile engineering and you feel the need to gain deeper knowledge to understand the global challenge of textile industry? If you are interested in responsible production & environmental protection, in legal regulation and labour rights, you should apply for the Master’s program Sustainable textiles.

During your studies, you acquire the skills needed to create (more) sustainable processes in textile chemistry. You develop solutions for non-hazardous alternative chemicals; optimized production processes and conduct research on innovative fibres and finishing’s.

With a Master‘s degree in Sustainable Textiles, you have excellent career opportunities, both in Germany and world-wide.

Fast Facts


degree awarded

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

language of instruction

Fully taught in English language


3 semesters (including master thesis)

application deadlines

April 15 - May 31 (winter semester)

November 05 - November 30 (summer semester)

academic semester

October 1 - March 14 (winter semester)

March 15 - September 30 (summer semester)

application conditions

  • Bachelor degree within an relevant field of study

  • 210 ECTS (credit points)

  • University entrance certificate from abroad must be assessed by uni-assist before applying at Hof University (Primuss)


100 € administration fee, no tuition fee


Your Benefits


Your career perspectives are excellent and divers

  • Research & development (R&D) in the textile chemistry industry

  • Project manager or leading position in research and sustainability teams in textile industry (brand, retail, manufacturing, production)

  • Leading position in institutions/ organizations (Governmental or non-Governmental)

  • Cooperative PhD

In addition, you benefit from

  • German language skills

  • an innovative and diverse mix of teaching methods - practical lab work, virtual learning, blended learning, and case studies besides regular lectures

  • development of your intercultural competence

Course content


The Master’s program contains 12 modules, 6 ECTS per module (Core modules and electives) as well as the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS)

Textile Technology / Textile Chemistry (18 ECTS)

  • Advanced Textile Production

  • Advanced Textile Chemistry

  • Effect and Process Auxiliaries

  • Resource Efficient Application Technologies

Management/ International Law (12 ECTS)

  • Legal Framework and Digitalization of the Textile Value Chain

  • Sustainable Project Management

Sustainability and Renewable Products (24 ECTS)

  • Circular Economy/ Certificates and Eco Labels

  • Sustainable Functionalization and Surface Modification of Textiles

  • Renewable Products for the Textile Industry (Fibers, Auxiliaries, Dyestuffs)

Electives (6 ECTS)

  • Project Simulation

  • Sustainable Products for Medical or Hygienic End-Use

  • Simulation and Optimization

Master thesis and internship

  • The 3rd semester is dedicated to an internship in a company or at the University and a practical Master's Thesis (30 ECTS). The thesis should be written during the internship and should cover a current topic of the company. The topic selection should prior be discussed and decided with the supervising professor.


Lying Wang, M.Eng. Sustainable Textiles student from China

Hof University: a training base for talents in textile industry.

"I am studying sustainable textiles at the Münchberg campus of Hof University. This is a place with strong skillfulness in the textile industry and possess its own affiliated research institute.

The campus Münnchberg itself is like a mini-industrial park, including knitting-, weaving-, dyeing-, printing- and finishing workshop, etc., all of which provide a comprehensive platform for combination between theoretical and practical knowledge.

The professors here are all experienced, most of them have worked in industrial companies for decades and share their practical knowledge with us selflessly. The students in the same major are also enthusiastic about professional research, and most of them take the initiative to participate in additional study projects.

The usual teamwork and project work have enhanced my cross-cultural communication competence and teamwork ability. Therefore, I am very grateful for the contribution made by Hof University to my progress."

Admission criteria



  • First degree from a recognized university with at least 210 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or an equivalent degree in engineering or natural sciences providing sufficient knowledge in textile technology and textile chemistry.

  • Sufficient knowledge in textile technology and textile chemistry means at least 60 credits (or their equivalent) were achieved in the field of textile technology and at least 20 credits (or their equivalent) were passed in (textile) chemistry.

  • Applicants with less than 210 credits (ECTS) will be accepted but have to gain the missing credits by either

    • Attending appropriate modules at Hof University (for applicants who already did an internship). For both alternatives, please calculate a fourth (extra) semester.

  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL with a minimum score of 90 or IELTS 6.5 or above or other equivalent language certificate from a recognized institution, not older than three years)

  • Proof of basic German language skills for applicants from abroad (Certificate for minimum level A1 according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR))

Application process


All applications must be submitted online via our online application portal Primuss at If you acquired your university entrance certificate abroad, uni-assist must assess the certificate before you can send it to Hof University. We advise you to send your documents to uni-assist at least 4 weeks before the application deadline at Hof University.

The application period for

  • winter semester is between April 15 and May 31.

  • summer semester is between November 05 and November 30.

The admission committee intensively validates all applications and decides about the final admission. You will receive your Admission Letter approx. 4 weeks after the application deadline.

Two weeks before the start of your studies, we offer an intensive Orientation Period for all new international students. Participation in the orientation week is strongly recommended. If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact welcome<script type="text/javascript">document.write('&#64;');</script>hof-university.LÖ

Research at Campus Münchberg


Hof and Münchberg are not only university locations but also important centers for textile and material research. The textile and material research is concentrated in the Institute for Materials Science (ifm) and the Fraunhofer-Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics.

More information about the research facilities can be found under the following links:



International Textile Summer 2019

From 10th to 31th July 2019 is the “International Textile Summer” at Hof University. Many students from India, China and other countries are expected. The program includes lectures and practical work in the field of “Technical Textiles”, “Innovative Textile Finishing”, “Sustainable Textile Business” as well as interesting excursions to different companies in Bavaria. Furthermore, several “Get-Together” events will take place.

 More information about the “International Textile Summer 2019”







New Building at Campus Münchberg

 Since autumn 2016, a modern technical textile center for the production, finishing and analysis of different textile materials as carbon fibers and nonwoven is built at campus Münchberg and should be finished in spring 2019. In the new building modern laboratories and machines for research and teaching will be available. An even closer cooperation with the regional industry will be possible.

 As you can see on the picture, the construction of the building is proceeding well. The interior is currently being installed and the first machines and technical equipment will be delivered soon.




SPO (Studien- Prüfungsordnung)



Contact person

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch

Program Head and Academic Advisor

Engineering Department
Innovative Textiles

Hochschule Hof, Department Münchberg
Kulmbacher Str. 76
95213 Münchberg

Room: V 512
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 8450
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 8450
E-Mail: michael.rauchhof-university.LÖ

 Elisa Dähne | University of Applied Science Hof

Elisa Dähne

Student Affairs Office
Administrative Assistant

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: A 111
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 3226
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 3226
E-Mail: elisa.daehnehof-university.LÖ


Prof. Dr. Anett Matthäi

Head of Board of Examiners

Engineering Department
Master Sustainable Textiles

Hochschule Hof, Department Münchberg
Kulmbacher Str. 76
95213 Münchberg

Room: V 302A
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 8592
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 8592
E-Mail: anett.matthaeihof-university.LÖ

Sustainable Textiles (M.Eng.)




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