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Digitalization is not mainly about converting analog information to a digital format, but includes changing business models, providing services around products and open innovation. In a world where fast time to market is increasingly important, corporations are well advised to listen to their customers for suggestions for improvement or new products and work closely together with universities and research labs to incorporate the latest technologies that help them fulfilling their customers’ needs. If you want to become part of this game and help bringing results from foundational research to practical use with usage scenarios from the local enterprises in upper Franconia and its surrounding, then this Master study program is right for you.

Playing with the latest technologies

Within the Institute of Information Systems, we are working with the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, smart data and data analytics, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous cars and digital mobility as well as digital healthcare and the internet of things. We bring them together into applications that really help people, are easy to use and respect users’ privacy requirements. We are both taking up recent trends like usability, speech recognition and natural language processing as well as listening to challenges the industry is facing. Bringing together user needs and technological possibilities is at the heart of our mission.

What does the University of Applied Sciences offer?

Being part of our multi-disciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in computer science, electrical engineering, business information systems, information science and business law will enrich your career. You can combine the best of multiple worlds by gaining a master’s degree, having fun with the latest technologies, learning about scientific research methods and a structured approach to problem solving as well as experiencing the working situation in our partner corporations. Talented people with good ideas and entrepreneurial spirit get direct support from our digital startup center Einstein1 in building their own company right away. Graduates with excellent grades will get an opportunity to proceed with PhD studies.

How does it work?

The study program consists of work in research projects of the research groups at the Institute of Information Systems (iisys), special lectures in research methodology as well as lectures in computer science subjects, organization science and business law. There will be a good mixture of practical work like programming, training of social skills in meetings and by giving presentations as well as conceptual work like creating architecture models, doing criteria-based comparisons or literature reviews to find suitable algorithms and research approaches.

What should I bring with me?

The Master Applied Research in Computer Science addresses graduates from all kinds of information technology bachelor study programs (e.g., computer science, media informatics, business information systems, mobile computing) that are interested in gaining deeper insight into current technologies by doing applied research. In order to take part in the admission process, your average grade in the subjects object-oriented programming, software engineering, databases and computer networks has to be 2.5 or better according to the German grading system. Alternatively, you will be eligible if you can prove that you are among the 50% best of your graduating class. Students can start their studies every winter and summer term. Students with less than 210 ECTS from their bachelor studies will get the opportunity to attend additional lectures in order to gain the missing 30 credits or will have to do an internship for at least 23 weeks, if they did not do one during their bachelor studies.

How do I apply?

The application process consists of a written and an oral part. For the written part, you have to turn in a certification about an internship or practical work in the computer industry that lasted at least 18 weeks as well as a scientific work that you produced on your own like your bachelor thesis or a seminar paper. You further have to choose a topic from the iisys research groups and do a two-page literature review covering important scientific publications in the chosen topic. If the written part was passed with a grade of at least 2.3, you are admitted for the oral part, which can be done in a video chat. To prepare for the oral part, you get a case study concerning a challenge in the chosen topic from the written part. You present your solution suggestions for the case study and need to answer additional questions in a 30 minutes oral exam in English language. If you pass the oral exam with a grade of at least 2.3, you are admitted to the master study program.

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