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Global Management M.A.

You are a graduate of a business-related bachelor’s program and you are interested in international management topics? This Master's program imparts knowledge in all management areas relevant for innovative international value chains.


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The English-taught Master’s program Global Management offers students a holistic approach towards management and provides a fundamental overview in the areas of sales, procurement management, operational excellence, digital economics and global business strategies. Directed at graduates of a business-related bachelor’s program with an interest in international management topics, the program imparts knowledge in all management areas relevant for innovative international value chains.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, international managers also need intercultural competence and an in-depth understanding of the markets they are dealing with.

Therefore, our M.A. students spend the third semester doing a practical internship in an internationally operating company (e.g. in a marketing or HR department). The Master thesis is also project-based and written in cooperation with the company. Thus, you can immediately apply your knowledge and gain profound professional experience at the same time.

With this Master’s program, you

  • have an in-depth and practice-oriented economics qualification preparing you for a management role in an international environment,
  • are familiar with the techniques and technologies of digitalization and know how to employ them,
  • understand the necessity for and how to use interdisciplinary collaboration for international value creating networks.

In addition, you benefit from

  • easy and direct exchange with your professors (all with many years of international managerial experience),
  • a modern and innovative lecture approach,
  • valuable work experience and intercultural competence gained during the internship semester.

The Master’s program is based on an interdisciplinary concept. Current topics like innovation management, digital economics and global governance are interconnected with classic concepts like key account management or value chain management in international companies.

Theoretical concepts and scientific methods are understood as a tool box to solve practical business challenges in an international context. All topics are discussed within the context of a digitalized and globalized world economy. Thus, students are equipped with an advanced set of skills and knowledge to act responsibly within the international supply chains.

Prior to their teaching assignment at Hof University, all professors held leading positions in international industry and commerce. This ensures a hands-on teaching approach and a practice-oriented learning experience in class.

Semester 1 and 2:

Course modules - practice oriented theory

  • Global Business Strategy
  • Global Sales & Account Management
  • Legal Framework for Global Management
  • International Value Chain Management
  • Finance & Accounting in a Multinational Business
  • Operational Excellence & Innovation Management
  • Digital Economics
  • Market Research 
  • International Human Resources Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Advanced Issues of Global Management

Semester 3: Internship

  • Master‘s thesis with an internationally operating company
  • practical work-experience abroad (mandatory internship; at least 3 months)
  • The internship must be completed in a country or region where the typical language is different from the one in which the student obtained the Bachelor‘s degree.

As a graduate, you...

  • can confidently analyze the quality of international value chains and modulate them,
  • are able to increase the value creation in companies by means of digitalization,
  • have the skills to structure and lead cross-functional and multicultural teams,
  • have excellent career perspectives for a leading position in internationally operating companies.

You are ready to work as

  • Global Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Corporate Finance Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager

Academic requirements

  • A business-oriented Bachelor’s degree (e.g. Business Management, International Management, Industrial Engineering or Business Informatics) from an accredited university;
    • at least 210 ECTS or equivalent (depending on home country) in total and with a minimum of at least 110 ECTS in business-related subjects
    • minimum grade 2,5 according to the German grading system (please provide a diploma supplement or similar documents that explain the grading system of your university/country)
  • Applicants with less than 210 credits (ECTS) will be accepted but have to gain the missing credits by either
    • doing an internship (at least 900 hours / 6 months) as long as no internship was done during the Bachelor’s degree.
    • Attending appropriate modules at Hof University (for applicants who already did an internship).
    • For both alternatives, please calculate an additional (fourth) semester.

Language requirements

You need to prove your proficiency in English. This can be done with either of the following:

  • TOEFL minimum 90
  • IELTS 6.5 or above

In addition: Basic language skills in German, proven by official test score documents - minimum level A1

All applications must be done via our online application portal Primuss.

  • The application period for winter intake is between April 15 and May 31.
  • The application period for summer intake is between November 05 and November 30.
  • An admission committee intensively scrutinizes all applications and decides about final admission. Admission letters will be issued in June for winter intake and December for summer semester intake.

If you acquired your university entrance certificate abroad, uni-assist must assess the certificate before you can send it to Hof University. We advise you to send your documents to uni-assist at least 4 weeks before our application deadline.

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact admission(at)

Intensive personal support

Hof University offers a safe, friendly and open-minded study environment. Find out more about our intensive personal  support for international students!

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Global Management

Degree awarded
3 semesters
Winter and summer semester
Application period

Winter semester:

EU: May 1 - July 15

Non-EU: April 15 - May 31


Summer semester:

EU: November 15 - January 15

Non-EU: November 5 - November 30

Tuition fees
Language of instruction

Campus Hof

The campus is the management and administrative center of the university. Here you will find the university library, high-tech laboratories and university sports facilities.

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What our students and graduates say

Paula Gomez
Zofia from Poland on Hof University campus
Tanumeeta from India
Lisa Riehl
Saathvik from India on Hof University campus

Paula from Columbia

„My experience at Hof University and the Global Management Master‘s degree programme has been amazing. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to attend lessons with people from different countries and cultures, which exposed me to the globalised world in which we live. In saying that, I can testify that this Master‘s programme offers more than quality lessons, fantastic teachers and excellent facilities. It also offers an international environment that will prepare us for our future careers.“

Zofia from Poland

"Before moving to Hof, I wasn't sure if studying in a smaller university in a smaller town will be for me. Surprisingly, the courses delved deep into current and captivating topics like digital economics, truly enriching my knowledge. On many subjects we have collaborative projects and opportunity to apply gained theoretical knowledge.

The professors are approachable and offered individual guidance when needed. The entire support structure at Hof is supportive and helpful. While studies didn't require German, it came in handy for daily life. Thankfully, free language classes are available! Thanks to the student union's awesome intro week - complete with karaoke and excursions - acclimating to Hof was smooth sailing! I strongly recommend you to apply here." 

Tanumeeta from India

„Hi Everyone, I am Tanumeeta. I come from the smallest state in India called „Sikkim“. My study major is Global Management, currently in second semester. I chose Hof University because of the course curriculum, it directly aligns with my existing industry experience and I was curious to see how full-time education would feel like after about 8 years of work experience. I must say, I am happy to be at Hof.

What I like about Global Management is how industry diverse it is. I come from core technical world of networking and telecommunications. By means of hands-on projects, understanding real world cases on manufacturing/textile/airline industry topics has been truly rewarding to me. Also, during my first semester, I was able to participate in a company visit to Audi Ingolstadt and Rapa.

I would recommend my study program Global Management because it is state funded, the professors are deeply connected to the industry and the class size is perfect for educational engagement. Hof University offers multicultural student base, state of art digital rooms, great 24/7 library and also Boom Party and Bollywood night.“


Lisa from Germany

„The Master’s program Global Management was the perfect addition to my studies. The practice oriented course contents prepared me very well for my tasks in an international company. I also had the opportunity to get a double degree with a partner university. The expertise as well as the social and cultural competences I acquired provided an ideal foundation for a successful career start."

Saathvik from India

"The Master's program in Global Management is truly ‘global’ overall! You’ll interact and work with great people from all around the world and build valuable connections. You get to work on some of the most interesting and exciting projects that are extremely relevant to the industry, not only EU but the whole of the world!

I had a smooth integration into Hof with the assistance of various departments in the university. Hof is a beautiful and pleasant town in Bayern. We have a beautiful campus too! Every place here is picturesque. I’m really glad to be a part of Hof and Global Management as it’s a great course with no tuition fees and absolutely no compromise in the overall experience."


Prof. Dr. Willi Darr
Prof. Dr. Willi Darr

Head of Program

 Kathrin Schötz
Kathrin Schötz +49 9281 409 - 3222

Student Affairs - Admission

You are interested in applying but still have questions?

Please contact our Welcome Center.