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Electrical Engineering

Do you find electrical energy storage, high-voltage technology and autonomous systems exciting? Then the specialization area Electrical Engineering as part of the Bachelor's program in Engineering Sciences modular is right for you!

The world of the future will be electric. People and industry want a sustainable energy supply, autonomously driving electric vehicles, safe automation technology and intelligent communication systems - digitalization should make our lives easier and more beautiful.

If electric drives interest you, join us in the development and construction of our electric race car, an interdisciplinary student project. Experiment in the electrical engineering, embedded systems, automation technology and microprocessor technology labs. Do you find artificial intelligence exciting? Then choose Major2 Cyber-Physical Systems!

Your heart beats more for regenerative energy sources and storage technologies? Then Major2 Electrical Power Engineering is the right choice for you.

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Are you interested in sustainable, renewable, electrical power engineering or Industry 4.0? Then electrical engineering at Hof University is the right specialization area for you!


The sustainable energy supply of our earth requires the change from fossil energy sources to renewable energies. On the one hand, renewable energy generators are connected to the electrical distribution networks in a decentralized manner, but on the other hand, distant central generator parks (solar, wind, hydro) must also be connected to consumers/users via long electrical transmission distances. In addition, energy storage systems are playing an increasingly important role in bridging periods when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

What else?

Future mobility will be electric. In addition to a sustainable energy supply, people and industry want autonomous, electric cars, safe automation technology in industry and everyday life, intelligent communication systems and digitization that makes our lives easier and more beautiful.

And you?

You are helping to develop these technologies of the future!

As an electrical engineer, you have a profound understanding of technical, and in particular electrotechnical, problems and are able to develop intelligent solutions for the various tasks.

You know best what interests you. Therefore, you can freely compose your field of study with your majors. In our  Bachelor's program Engineering  Sciences modular, your individual study program is thus created from Major 1, Major 2 and Minor, in combination with the orientation phase and the practical phase.

In our generator you can see at a glance which Major 1 you can freely combine with which Major 2 and Minor.

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In the study of electrical engineering, you will first learn the necessary general engineering fundamentals as well as the basics of general electrical engineering, electrical power engineering, mechatronics and computer science. Subsequently, the various disciplines within electrical engineering are studied in greater depth. In addition, you will learn how to use the tools and development environments commonly used in industry for design, simulation and programming for the design of electrical and mechatronic systems.

The specialization area is characterized by a strong practical orientation with several project works and lecture-accompanying internships. In addition to technical competence, you will also deepen your social and methodological skills in order to further promote personality development and the ability to work in a team.

Fulfill your dream and become an expert in e.g. sustainable, renewable, electrical energy technology or Industry 4.0.

Well-trained engineers in the field of electrical engineering are needed to master the transition to a sustainable electrical energy supply, electrical mobility, and an efficient, digitized economy and administration. They are in demand in numerous branches of industry, e.g. in the fields of electrical power supply, electrical power engineering, digital factory, automotive engineering, medical technology, robotics as well as communication technology.

This specialization area will enable you to help shape the transformation of industry.
Make yourself fit for your future with this specialization area!

Specialization area Electrical Engineering


 Michael Luft
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