Exam Dates

General Information

All students have to register online for the examinations they want to take after a semester.

This does not only apply to written exams but also to presentations and oral examinations. Basically, you have to register for everything you would like to receive a grade for at the end of the semester.

The registration for exams is only possible during a fixed period (“Prüfungsanmeldezeitraum”). You find the dates on the same pdf as the Certificates of Enrollment which you can download from our online portal.

Here you can register for your exams:

hof-university.de -> quick links -> PRIMUSS-Portal

You can switch the language of the registration portal to English if that is easier for you. You need to enter the following data to access the exam registration portal:

• user name (the one you use for registering in the university network)

• password

Now you can choose the classes you would like to sign up for from the various class lists. Please make sure that the chosen subject corresponds with the kind of your studies (basic or main studies) and professor (as several professors sometimes teach the same subject).

After registration, you can print a pdf with the list of subjects you registered for. All exchange students have to hand in a copy of this confirmation at the International Office. Furthermore, all students are asked to bring this confirmation of registration, your ID Card, passport or driving licence and their Campus Card to the actual exam for identification.

In case of any mistakes in your exam registration, please contact the student affairs office (Studienbüro) immediately via email (before the deadline of the exam registration!).

Two weeks before the exam period, your exam timetable is online in the PRIMUSS-Portal. To view your personal exam schedule, you need to authorize at the portal as  described before.

Registration for exams

Twice a year (in May for summer semester and in November for winter semester) students have to register for participation in examinations. The online-registration is organized with PRIMUSS Campus and only available for a specific period. The regular registration for exams is free of charge. The exact dates can be found here.

Students who failed to register within the stipulated period can benefit from the late-registration-option. Please note that the student affairs office will charge 50 Euros for late-registrations.

Retake exams

A student has to retake any course on his or her transcript which for he/she received a grade 5 (not passed) within six month.

If the student fails in the second attempt he/she has to retake the exam within one year at the latest.

Retake exams will not be offered for a student who did not show up for a first attempt.

Board of examiners

The examination board is responsible for all general or individual decisions concerning examination. Each degree course has its own examination board. Detailed information on the specific competencies of the examination board can be found within the general examination regulations (RaPO).

Examining Committee

The Examination Committee has set terms and regulations for exam situations and for special examination situations, please see the following document to learn more:

Information on written exams for students

The examining committee consits of three professors. The examining committee decides on applications for special examination arrangements, apeals against decisions made by the Board of Examiniers.

Prof. Dr. Markus Finn, chairperson

Prof. Dr. Günter Köhler, member
Prof. Dr. Hans Schmidt, member

Application for credit transfer and exemption

If you have gained credit for courses comparable to those available at Hof University of Applied Sciences, you may be eligible for credit based on your previous study or exemption from all or part of a course. If you wish to claim credit towards your current program you have to apply for credit transfer using the form below.

Your application must be accompanied by documentary evidence of your previous studies or your application will not be considered. Evidence should be in the form of original documents or copies certified by the issuing institution,

Documentation should include:

  • Course Description: Extended syllabus, aims and objectives, contact hours, texts and references and assessment.  
  • Official Academic Transcript (original or certified copy).

Inspection of exam results

All professors offer apointments for release of the exam papers within the first four weeks of the new semester. To see your results can provide you with lots of useful information about your performance in the exam.

Copy of exam papers

Students can apply to receive a copy of the examination paper at the Student Affairs Office. The fee is 7,50 Euros per examiniation.You are entitled to receive a copy of the examination provided that you showed up for expection of the examination before.

Special examination arrangements

In the following, please find a list of the arrangements routinely put in place for students with special needs. Please note that these might be combined. A candidate may be granted extra time and use of computer, for example.

  • extra time in written examinations
  • separate room for students with special needs
  • use of a computer in written examination

Your application for special exam arrangements has to be handed in to the Student Affairs office within the exam-registration period. Your application has to include all supporting documents, as well as your detailed request for arrangements to be made. Your application will be revieved by the examining committee and you will receive a notification from the Student Affairs Office with information on which arrangements can be granted.





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