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Khen Brian from Ghana

"What I loved most about studying Master's in Software Engineering at Hof University was the excellent range of attractive, and practice-oriented study options as well as the outstanding teaching and research curriculum. Deciding to pursue my degree at Hof University was an extremely fulfilling experience which in turn deepen my professional and social skills. The well-structured program readily set me up for the job market and I was hired immediately after the completion of my degree.

Moreover, studying at Hof University exposed me to individuals from around the world; since it is a multicultural university with diverse groups of people from different social backgrounds. Working with students from all over the world as well as members of faculty also granted me a global perspective to addressing both social and technical problems. Additionally, the mandatory German modules have made it simple to be well integrated into the German culture and society at large as well equipped me to enhance my German skills. I would absolutely recommend Hof University to everyone looking forward to the unique opportunity to combine their studies with first-hand experience life in a German speaking country. It was an ultimate delight studying and living in Hof!"