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Kavya from India

"I always wanted to pursue higher studies.  Therefore, the Master's program in Software Engineering for Industrial Applications caught my attention.  However, being a skilled professional with eight years of IT work experience, an introvert and a married female, I was a bit hesitant about my decision of doing masters in Hof University and also about my future in Germany.

I can now confidently say that choosing this course is one of the best choices in my life, as I had to challenge myself to learn new lessons every day from my highly skilled and knowledgeable professors, who not only inspired and motivated me to work hard on learning new technologies and enhancing my coding skills but also doing research.  All those efforts allowed me to study, practice and learn more.

I felt very glad when I received the scholarship for my academic performance in the winter semester.  It made me realise that Germans recognise hard work and merit rather than your race, gender and age."