FUTURE STUDENTS – Textile Design (B.A.)

Application procedure

For the study program Textile Design at Hof University of Applied Sciences it is necessary to submit an artistic portfolio.

Application online from 01.05.-31.08.2022

During the online application you will receive a link that allows you to upload digital images of the portfolio.

Subsequently, the topic of a creative term paper and the invitation to the aptitude interview will be sent by e-mail.

Form of the portfolio

About 15 self-made creative work samples, which give information about your artistic talent and aptitude. Sketchbooks can be part of the portfolio. Digitally created work (e.g. screen design, websites, image editing, etc.) should be available as printouts. Non-digitally created work must always be an original component of the portfolio; only three-dimensional and oversized work may be documented in the form of photographs. Photocopies or printouts of drawings and color work will not be accepted. Work samples exceeding A 1 format will not be accepted. The same applies to objects or materials that do not fit into a standard folder.

Contents of the portfolio

The application portfolio should contain the best work and express your personal creative power. The originality of the work plays an important role. In addition to basic formal-aesthetic skills, some work should show experimental problem solving.
Drawing represents a multifaceted and traditional way of directly experiencing and representing the process of perception. These drawings may include objects of the visible environment, still lifes, landscapes, figures, etc., and provide a broad field for the application of different representational techniques - pencil, ink, pastel, etc. Sketches showing your ideas and concepts can add to the variety of expressive possibilities. Drawing work from the imagination can be additionally included.
Color in itself represents another important area of design. Therefore, the portfolio should include some work that shows your sense of color. Besides representational compositions, the sensuality of a color becomes especially visible in abstract compositions. Possible techniques of representation are - tempera, watercolor, acrylic, etc.
Photographs - analog or digital - should be individual perception and interpretation of the visible environment or serve to document 3-dimensional objects. Course-specific work can be a useful addition to the application portfolio, but is not mandatory.

Portfolio consultation

You can participate in a portfolio consultation in advance.
Please make an appointment by mail with: arwed.guderian@hof-university.de



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