FUTURE STUDENTS – Textile Design (B.A.)

Application Procedure

As an applicant for the Textile Design study program at Hof University prospective students are required in advance, in addition to the basic university entrance qualifications, to demonstrate artistic talent by passing an aptitude test.

This exam takes place in July, at the Hof University Münchberg campus.

Apply online  01.05. - 15.06 and send your application form in time to Hof University.

Bring your application portfolio to the aptitude test provided with the written statement you generated the portfolio yourself.


Form of portfolio

The portfolio should contain approximately 15 self-produced design work samples that provide information about your artistic talent and aptitude. The overall dimension of your portfolio must not exceed A1 Format (594 × 841 mm) and not be rolled. Sketches or sketchbooks may be part of your portfolio. Digitally created works (e.g. Screen-design, Web design, digital photography, image processing) should be presented as printouts. Non-digitally created works must strictly be provided as originals. Only three-dimensional and oversized works may be documented in the form of photos. Photocopies or prints of drawings or paintings are not permitted. The same goes for objects or materials not fitting in an off-the-shelf portfolio briefcase. The portfolio must include a table of contents and be externally marked with name, address and course of study.


Contents of portfolio

The portfolio should contain the best of your works and express your personal creative power. The originality of your work plays an important role. In addition to the basic formal and aesthetic skills, some work should reveal an experimental approach to problem solving.

Drawing represents a diverse and traditional way to directly experience and display the process of perception. Submitted drawings can be still-life, or can include objects of the visible surroundings, landscapes, figures, etc., and offer a wide field for the application of different representation techniques, e.g. pencil, ink, pastel, etc. Sketches that show your ideas and concepts can complement the diversity of expression.

Color itself represents another important design field. Therefore, your portfolio should contain some work that shows your ability to integrate colors into your designs.

Photographs - analog or digital – should present your own individual perception and interpretation of the visible area or the documentation of three-dimensional objects. Photographs presented only in digital formats, such as CD, DVD, etc, will not be accepted. Course-specific work can enhance the application folder but is not mandatory.


Portfolio counseling

For assistance with portfolio preparation, applicants have the opportunity to attend portfolio counseling.

Dates: by appointment.


Please register by e-mail to martina.ziegenthaler@hof-university.de



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