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Department of Computer Science

Information Systems in Public Administration M.Sc.

The Master's program in Information Systems in Public Administration, which is unique in Bavaria, prepares students for management and specialist positions in the IT sector of public administration.

For this purpose, it offers a tailor-made range of modules which, in addition to in-depth computer science content, also impart social, societal, leadership and organizational skills. A wide range of electives allows students to specialize in the content that best suits their interests and activities.

The virtual and part-time nature of the program makes it ideal for working professionals with a degree in information systems in public administration.


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This master's program prepares students for the diverse fields of information systems in public administration and enables them to take on specialist and management tasks that require a scientific university degree. Students acquire all the skills necessary to work at management level and as specialists.


The master's program in Information Systems in Public Administration is designed for graduates of the diploma program in Information Systems in Public Administration, but is also open to graduates of bachelor's programs in information technology (e.g., computer science, media information technology, business information technology, mobile computing) who are interested in a secure job in public administration. Admission to the Master's program is possible in the winter and summer semesters.

Structure of the program

The part-time master's program comprises four semesters for modules and two semesters for the master's thesis. In the first semesters, you will acquire the theoretical and practical foundations.

Four compulsory elective modules and a wide range of optional modules allow you to specialize in areas of your own interest and activity.

Compulsory modules

  • IT Strategy and Management in Public Administration
  • Current developments and trends in e-government
  • Development of Specialized Procedures
  • Mobile computing
  • ERP Systems in Public Administration
  • Key Technologies in Public Administration
  • AI and Data Science in Public Administration
  • E-Government Practice Project

Selection of possible electives*

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Geoinformatics
  • Geodata - Geoinformation - Geoknowledge
  • Re-Engineering Business Applications
  • Advanced C++ Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Mainframe Programming I
  • Mainframe Programming II
  • SAP Business Processes: Logistics Overview, Production and Customizing
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Electronic Commerce
  • Medical Imaging for Diagnostic Applications
  • Medical imaging for interventional applications
  • Usability for Engineers and Computer Scientists
  • E-Health - Information Management in Healthcare
  • The R and RStudio Environment
  • Information Retrieval
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Technology and Law
  • Media Law
  • Bavarian Constitutional Law
  • Contract Drafting and Management

*) Non-binding list. The specific modules offered in each semester are announced in the module handbook or, in the case of VHB modules that can be recognized, are determined by the examination board of the Master in Information Systems in Public Administration. Two compulsory elective modules serve to deepen competencies in selected special fields of computer science. In another two compulsory elective modules, the understanding of the use of operational application systems in public administration will be expanded under legal or economic aspects; at the same time or instead, students will have the opportunity to expand their social, personal, linguistic and intercultural skills.

In the fifth/sixth semester, you will write your Master's thesis (30 ECTS). This can be done in the public sector or outside.

In order to optimally prepare its graduates for later management and coordination tasks as well as specialist jobs, the degree program includes a wide range of modules that teach social, societal as well as management and organizational skills in addition to in-depth informatics content.

An overview of the skills to be acquired in the individual modules can be found in the skills matrix for the degree program.

The Master in Information Systems in Public Administration prepares you for a range of highly rewarding positions:

  • Technical Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Head of Unit
  • Head of Department
  • Head of Office
  • ...

The Master in Information Systems in Public Administration is a consecutive part-time master's degree program aimed at graduates of the diploma in Information Systems in Public Administration.

Bachelor graduates of computer science, business informatics, media informatics, mobile computing and other similar courses are also admitted if they have led to the acquisition of at least 210 credit points.

The minimum number of 210 credit points is also considered to have been achieved if said studies had a scope of 180 credit points and the students in question acquire an additional 30 credit points within one year of taking up the studies at the latest.

Your advantages

Perfectly tailored to graduates already working in public administration, but also ideal for those with other bachelor's degrees in computer science who are interested in a secure job in public administration:

  • Virtual, part-time, off-hours (Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings), building on achievements made in the diploma in Information Systems in Public Administration, ...
  • Modules tailored for later specialist and management activities, such as IT strategy and management in public administration, Modern developments and current trends in e-government, ...
  • Intensive integration of professional practice: projects from the public authority can be directly worked on in some lectures and implemented as a topic for the master's thesis
  • Highly motivated lecturers with extensive expertise in the field of information systems in public administration
  • Virtual labs or platforms at cutting-edge level
  • Degree from a reputable, system-accredited university that is already well known to the service providers through the diploma in information systems in public administration
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Information Systems in Public Administration

Degree awarded
Computer Science
6 semesters (4 semesters as part-time study + Master's thesis)
Winter and summer semester
Application period

Summer semester: Nov 15 - Jan 15

Winter semester: May 01 - July 15

Tuition fees
None (only student union fee according to the statutes of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken)
Language of instruction


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