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Human Resource Management and Labour Law LL.M./M.A.

Are you interested in human resources, have a Bachelor's degree in law or business and want more?

Then become a Master of Laws (LL.M.) or Master of Arts (M.A.) with the Master's program "Human Resource Management and Labor Law"! This innovative degree program teaches interdisciplinary skills in labor law and human resources management - academically sound, practice-oriented and with a wide range of career opportunities.



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Accredited Master's program

The aim of the Master's degree program "Human Resources and Labor" is to qualify students for demanding specialist and management tasks in human resources and in the legal departments of companies, associations and public authorities. The program is aimed at graduates of law and economics programs.

The Master's program is basically designed as a full-time program with a standard duration of three semesters. In the first two semesters, you serve to acquire in-depth application-oriented theoretical knowledge. In the third semester, you complete an internship prepared by a practical seminar and write the Master's thesis. Admission to the Master's program is possible at any semester.

A series of core modules in the areas of labor law, human resources management and key qualifications is mandatory for all students. Supplementary focus modules give the master's program either a legal or a business profile, according to the student's choice:

If you wish to obtain the title "Master of Laws" (LL.M.), you will take additional courses in labor law in addition to the mandatory core modules. The practical seminar, practical training in the company and the Master's thesis then also deal with labor law issues.

If, on the other hand, you are aiming for the academic degree "Master of Arts" (M.A.), you will attend further courses on human resources management. The practical seminar, internship and Master's thesis then concern human resources management issues.


Students acquire in-depth knowledge of labor and social law and human resources management. In addition, they acquire skills in the areas of compliance, psychology and ethics. In addition, the students' key qualifications are further developed, for example in the areas of communication, conflict management and intercultural management. Projects and case studies as well as an internship and the Master's thesis serve to dovetail theory and practice.

  • Management or specialist in human resources,
  • HR specialist in the legal department,
  • assistant to the management ...

... of companies, associations or authorities

  1. Study abroad

Students of the Master's program have the opportunity to study abroad. Such a project is supported by the International Office of Hof University, among other things, by arranging scholarships and study places at one of the numerous partner universities.

The study abroad is ideally carried out after the second semester during a semester off. At this point, the theoretical education at Hof University is typically completed, so that the question of the creditability of study and examination achievements made abroad does not arise in principle. The semester of leave is not counted in the calculation of the duration of studies. This means that it does not have a negative effect on any BAföG entitlement.

2. Internship abroad

Another option for gaining international experience is practical work in foreign companies, associations and authorities. The internship abroad can be completed without loss of time in the third semester, i.e. after completion of the theoretical Master's program. It is credited to the compulsory internship of the Master's program, as far as it essentially corresponds to it in content, scope and requirements.

3. Language courses

To enhance foreign language competence, the Center for Languages and Intercultural Competence at Hof University offers a wide range of courses in different languages and at different levels.

The English courses "Managing Human Resources" (summer semester) and "Anglo-American Negotiations" (winter semester) are especially recommended for students of the Master's program "Human Resources and Work". These courses are aligned with the content of the Master's program. A time slot is kept free for them in the schedule of the Master's program.

Good to know

You should be familiar with these fact sheets (available only in German):

  • Admission requirements and application materials
  • Additional study credits of 30 credits
  • Aids regulation
  • and others more
Fact sheets (German only)

Human Resource Management and Labor Law

Degree awarded
LL.M. / M.A.
3 semesters
Winter and summer semester
Application period

Winter semester: May 1 - July 15

Summer semester: November 15 - January 15

Tuition fees
Language of instruction

Campus Hof

The campus is the management and administrative center of the university. Here you will find the university library, high-tech laboratories and university sports facilities.

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Introductory events

  • On Tuesday, 04.10.2022, from 09:45 to approx. 13:00, program director Prof. Dr. Dietmar Boerner will give introductory information about the Master's program "Human Resource Management and Labor Law" and will be available to answer questions.
  • On Tuesday, 04.10.2022, from 14:00 to approx. 17:15, two students from the second semester of the Master's program will offer an event that serves to clarify organizational issues of studying at Hof University and to get to know the students personally.

The location of the events will be announced to the students of the first semester by e-mail in due time.


 Kathrin Schötz
Kathrin Schötz +49 9281 409 - 3222

Student Affairs - Admission

 Elisa Dähne
Elisa Dähne +49 9281 409 - 3226

Student Affairs - Program Managerin