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Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering major is part of the Bachelor in Engineering Sciences (modular).

In this specialization area, we teach innovative technologies, concepts and methods for solving practical problems. By combining current business and technical knowledge, you will be able to develop not only technical, but also economic and ecological solutions.  Combine the industrial engineering major with the following majors2:

  • Energy and Building Technology
  • Sustainable Plastics and Surface Engineering
  • Digital Factory
Gruppe von vier Studierenden in der Maschinenhalle die miteinander sprechen

The program aims to provide an interdisciplinary education in the fields of economics and engineering. On the one hand, engineering knowledge is taught, such as the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and natural sciences. On the other hand, business knowledge in the areas of procurement, production, finance, sales and management. Graduates are able to analyze and optimize a wide range of problems at the interface between technology and business. Thus, sustainable efficiency gains for products, processes and services can be achieved. Furthermore, contact and team skills, social competence and especially the ability to work on concrete practical projects in a team are promoted.

Major 1 "Industrial Engineering" can be combined with majors 2 "Sustainable Plastics and Surface Technology", "Energy and Building Technology" or "Digital Factory".

Know-how in economics and engineering, ability to solve practice-oriented case studies and projects, analytical and interdisciplinary thinking, sense of responsibility and ability to work in a team.

Industrial engineers plan, analyze and optimize operational processes with a focus on technical efficiency and profitability. They develop new production processes or organize operational procedures. They are also active in the areas of supply chain management, purchasing and sales. As a graduate, you are ideally prepared to analyze specific operational tasks, develop solution concepts and implement them efficiently in practice. Your career opportunities are excellent. You can choose a position that suits you personally from a wide range of opportunities in a wide variety of industries. 

Our specialization area Industrial Engineering


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Molenda
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Molenda +49 9281 409 - 4406

Head of Specialization Area

 Michael Luft
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Student Affairs - Program Manager