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Compliance, IT and Data Protection LL.M.

Compliance as "adherence to law and order" is increasingly becoming a decisive success factor for organizations: digitization, data governance and eGovernment are presenting companies and public authorities with new legal and technical tasks. Innovative technologies for the use of Big Data, artificial intelligence, self-learning algorithms or cloud computing raise new types of legal issues that must be considered when implementing legally compliant processes.

Violations of data protection law, gaps in data security and compliance breaches can result in heavy fines, liability and damage to the company's image. At the latest with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, the legal requirements have become more stringent. Employees in the areas of compliance, IT and data protection need special knowledge to implement the legal requirements as part of preventive risk and process management.


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In the legal research Master's program, you will acquire in-depth, state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of compliance, IT compliance and data protection. This will prepare you for a career in research at the interface of law and new technologies. In companies and other organizations, you can apply your scientifically in-depth knowledge as a manager in data protection and compliance management.

The accredited part-time Master's program combines the fields of compliance, IT and data protection as areas of expertise for students who wish to pursue a (legal) academic career.

They acquire in-depth knowledge at the cutting edge of science and are thus qualified for a career in legal research in the fields of compliance, IT law and data protection.

A special focus is placed on the scientific qualification of the Master's students during the legal research master's program "Compliance, IT and Data Protection".

Modular course of study

Module films



  • Successfully completed first professional degree in the fields of business law, law or a comparable legal discipline from a university or an equivalent degree,
  • to the extent of at least 210 ECTS (in the case of only 180 ECTS, a subsequent qualification must be obtained),
  • with an overall examination grade of 2.5 or better and
  • proof of at least one year of specialized professional experience.*

This degree program is taught in German.  For more information on the required language certificate, click here.

*Alternatively, students can start with a certificate course and make up the work experience.

  • Research assistant in research projects at universities and other research institutions
  • Doctoral project
  • Compliance officer/compliance manager in companies and public administration
  • Anti-corruption officer in companies and public authorities
  • Company or external data protection officer
  • Consultant (Compliance, IT and Data Protection)
  • Lawyer in a company or public authority with a focus on data protection and/or IT law

Perhaps you would like to continue your research after graduation. Universities and colleges of applied sciences offer a variety of opportunities for external or internal doctoral studies, e.g. at our Institute for Information Systems (iisys) as an internal research assistant in a research project and with a cooperative doctoral project. 

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Weber, Head of Program

Tanja Schaller, Research, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Assistant 

Blended learning concept

In the law research Master's program "Compliance IT and Data Protection", the blended learning method is used. The combination of face-to-face events in Würzburg and self-directed online learning units exploits the advantages of face-to-face and self-study for high-quality teaching with the greatest possible flexibility.

In the practical blocks in Würzburg, the focus is on systematic familiarization with new content, personal discussion and debate with lecturers and fellow students. 

In self-study, you work on the specially designed online modules with preparatory and follow-up learning materials flexibly in terms of time and location according to your requirements. Video tutorials ensure an exchange with the lecturers.

Career service

Compliance, IT and Data Protection

Degree awarded
Continuing Education
7 semesters
Winter and summer semester
Application period

Summer semester: January 15

Winter semester: July 15

Tuition fees
12,600 € plus student services fee
Language of instruction
In presence teaching in Würzburg and online


Here you will find an overview of all events for the study program.

Course dates winter semester 2022/2023



Campus Hof

The campus is the management and administrative center of the university. Here you will find the university library, high-tech laboratories and university sports facilities.

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What we want to convey

Module Compliance Basics

Module Data Protection Compliance

Module Organizational Ethics and Values

Module Process Management

Module Compliance in-depth

Module Data Protection Law

Case study white collar crime

Module Risk Management

Further modules

In IT compliance, you understand the need for a systematic approach to meeting the specifications for IT-supported business processes. You will be able to demonstrably implement these specifications through specific processes. Students master the basics of best practice standards to support the implementation of legal and other regulatory requirements. Other aspects include IT support with process-supporting systems (workflow management systems, ERP systems) and the impact of current IT trends such as cloud computing, IoT and Big Data.

In IT Security, the technical fundamentals of IT security are taught, based on the protection goals and the state of the art to be achieved. You will be able to identify potential risks to know-how protection companies and participate in security concepts.

What is taught? What do the students learn? What competencies do students acquire?

  • Framework conditions of IT compliance
  • Standards of IT compliance and IT security
  • Basics and protection goals of IT security
  • And much more.           

What is special about the module (type of teaching, content, other skills)?

The module is taught completely online. You will receive a detailed slide set and online support. The slide set is supplemented interactively in the lectures and real examples are worked on.

What will students be particularly qualified to do?

You will have an overview of the requirements for information security and, in particular, IT compliance and IT security. Furthermore, you will know possible threats and attacks for system, network and application security and be able to assess their impact on the security concerns of companies and conceptually discuss measures for risk minimization.

What does compliance communication mean?

Communicating the compliance strategy to the employees of a company or public authority in a way that creates understanding and acceptance for the legal rules and internal processes.
Goal: concrete action in the sense of implementing the compliance strategy
Involvement of all target groups relevant to the implementation of the compliance strategy

What competencies do students acquire in Compliance Communication?

In-depth understanding of the communication process and its problems
Knowing and applying communication techniques for professionally relevant (also challenging) situations

What is special about the Master Compliance IT and Data Protection?

Training for practice by lecturers from the field
Future-oriented professional field
Targeted combination of professionally relevant learning fields


Prof. Dr. Beatrix Weber

Karsten Bartels

Stephanie Hofmann

Dr. Claudia Jauß

Dr. Claudia Jauß, lecturer for the Compliance Communication module, earned her diploma in political science from Freie Universität Berlin and her doctorate in sociology from Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg. After her studies, she was employed as a research assistant in various DFG research projects. From 2004 to 2014, Dr. Jauß was an adjunct lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Administration of Justice in Bavaria at the Department of General Internal Administration in basic and advanced training. Since 2009, she has been an adjunct lecturer at the Business Department of Hof University of Applied Sciences. Since 2017, Dr. Jauß has been an employee of the Institute for Corruption Prevention.

Dr. Stefanie Lejeune

Prof. Dr. Carsten Stark

Prof. Dr. Willi Darr

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawall

Professorship for Cyber Security at IU International University of Applied Science.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawall teaches the module IT Compliance and IT Security in the Master Compliance, IT and Data Protection.

The special feature of the Master Compliance is the combination of law and IT, especially IT compliance and IT security. The topics of IT compliance and IT security play a crucial role, as the threat situation for IT systems cannot be neglected.