Bavarian scholarship programs


Under the condition of reception of financial means from the Bavarian Ministry of Science and the Arts (Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst), Hochschule Hof gives semester or yearly scholarships to qualified foreign students (apart from exchange students and Bachelor students with less tan 90 ECTS).

You can find further information and the application form here:

Information sheet

Online application form (don't use your windows login, you have to register)


Summer semester 2019 - 22nd April 2019

Winter semester  2019/20 - 20th October 2019 (Application period starts 1st October )

Please notice: Hof university awards scholarships and grants just for their own enrolled students. We don't award these in advance. You can find other scholarships at the DAAD database.

Oskar-Karl-Forster Scholarship

The Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and the Arts provides funding for the purchase of books and learning material for talented and needy students from the estate of the consul Oskar-Karl Forster.
From now on applications for purchasing books and learning material can be submitted directly at the Student Counseling Office. You will find important info about this scholarship in the leaflet.

Bavarian Elite Academy

The Bavarian Elite Academy is a foundation of Bavarian industries, which closely cooperates with the universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria.

The Bavarian Elite Academy supports gifted and motivated students from all of Bavaria’s universities on their way to becoming responsible leaders in the future.

The program includes campus training sessions for several weeks during the semester breaks, an interdisciplinary team project supported by tutors, personal coaching by high-ranking mentors from the economy, study trips as well as internship placements at home and abroad.

To get further information about this program please have a look at

Sponsoring the Abroad stay

Please inform yourself on the below page about international internships and study abroad  courses opportunities and  contact the relevant person.

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) offers a valuable platform, where you can search for various scholarships individually

The Bavarian Government provides funding for foreign full-time students in diploma and master degree courses. (Bulletin)
(Please note that this scholarship is not available for students in a further education Master such as the Master of Software Engineering.)
Scholarships for Czech students who wish to study at one of the Bavarian Universities located in the border Region.

 Doreen Rustler | University of Applied Science Hof

Doreen Rustler

International Office/Student and Career Services
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 Jörg Noldin | University of Applied Science Hof

Jörg Noldin

International Office/Student and Career Services
International Office

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
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Room: A 020
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Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 3316
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