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Sujal, Pratham, Aditya and Atharva from India

"As a group of four students from DKTE's Textile & Engineering Institute, Maharashtra, India, studying Computer Science, we had the incredible opportunity to spend a semester as exchange students at Hof University. Our time here has been truly transformative, both academically and personally.

From the moment we arrived, we felt welcomed and supported by the faculty, students, and people of Hof University. We had no trouble finding accommodation; the Housing Office was very helpful. 

Living in Germany has been an amazing experience. The beautiful town of Hof made us forget about home. We enjoyed exploring the area, traveling to different German cities, participating in cultural events, attending the university's BOOM party, and even learning a little German. 

We collaborated with different fellow students from diverse backgrounds, which enriched our perspective and helped us develop a global outlook. All of these experiences broadened our horizons and helped us develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles. 

Overall, our semester at Hof University was a highlight of our academic journey. It provided us with new skills, knowledge, and lifelong memories. We are grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend it to other students seeking a comprehensive and enriching international educational experience. Thank you Hof University for an unforgettable semester 😊!" 

Sujal, Pratham, Aditya and Atharva from India in front of their dormitory "Am Saalepark"