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Isabell from Germany

How was your start at Hof University?
„When taking up my studies at Hof and Münchberg, I was cordially welcomed as a new member of the university and textile family right away. The university teachers impart their knowledge particularly with regard to practical applications and are always here to offer their help and support.“

What do you like about the program?
„The first year provides us with basic engineering and textile knowledge which is extended further in the following semesters, from then on in English. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge along with various possibilities to establish a personal network makes me feel well prepared for my future workplace. Additional Master study programs such as Composite Materials or Sustainable Textiles are also offered at Hof University.

What about the spirit among students?
„Innovative Textiles is well known for its general spirit of co-working and support among its students who see themselves as team members, not rivals. The friendly atmosphere, low living expenses and having all local facilities nearby are definitely the main ace up the sleeve of the university location.“

Anything you want to shout out to future students?
„You are interested in finding solutions for current issues like sustainability or want to plunge deeply into the manyfacetted world of technical textiles? Your new family is already waiting for you!“

Isabell from Germany on campus Münchberg