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Gowtham from India

„The hardness of the admission process and acceptance ratio of the ARC course is directly proportional to the learning curve of the students who opt for it.“

Why do you think so? 
„ARC is structured in such a way that students undergo complete autonomous learning and decide their interests for projects (intensive coding). Along with 4 mandatory subjects, students focus on writing scientific papers for the first year. And the 3rd semester is where learning from the previous year is completely utilized in the Master‘s thesis.“ 

What specialization did you choose?
„I opted for Computer vision and Virtual reality, studied ARC with good grades and now work as a Computer vision researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) with the same iisys lab and research group I started my journey with.“

So the program fulfilled your expectations? 
„With the tremendous growth in academics thanks to Hof University faculty, and the naturistic, peaceful, cold, small but cute city life of Hof, this is all I wished for when I opted for my Master‘s program in Germany. I seriously recommend it as it is a public-funded course with grueling but intense 3 semesters of learning.“