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Prof. Dr. René Peinl

Head of Institute Institute for Information Systems (iisys)

Institute for Information Systems (iisys)
Research Group Leader RG System Integration

Department of Computer Science

Prof. Dr. René Peinl | Hof University of Applies Sciences

Contact details


Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof


Campus Hof | Building G | Room G004

Office hours

Wednesday: 11:00 - 12:00
Registration by email is requested


Resource-efficient artificial intelligence for natural language understanding

Task area

Head of study program master computer science


René Peinl, born in Gera in 1975, grew up in Regensburg, where he studied business informatics at the University of Regensburg. During his studies he worked as an intern or student trainee at the companies OneVision, ProTech, Pallas Soft, pc-plus and BMW.

After graduating in May 2000, he worked for Compaq Computer GmbH in Munich in the eProcurement Competence Center as a development specialist and later as a technical consultant.

From November 2002 to April 2006 he worked as a research assistant in Halle/Saale at the chair of Prof. Dr. Maier in the area of knowledge management and wrote his doctoral thesis on "Multiagent simulation of knowledge transfer in organizations using the example of individual software manufacturers".

From May 2006 to March 2009 he worked as an IT infrastructure architect at REHAU AG+Co, where he was responsible for the implementation of Microsoft Server products, especially SharePoint. From April 2009 to August 2010 he worked as Senior Consultant for SharePoint with focus on system integration and knowledge management at IPI GmbH.

Since September 2010 he teaches as professor for business informatics in the master program "Internet and Web-Science" resp. its successors "Master Informatik", master "Applied Research in Computer Science", as well as all bachelor programs. Furthermore, he leads the research group System Integration at the Institute for Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences.  Since October 2020 he is also the scientific head of the research institute.

Since October 2021 he occupies the new teaching area "resource-efficient artificial intelligence for language understanding".  His research interests include voice assistants, especially in a virtual reality context, as well as industrial internet of things and customization of information systems.


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As part of the Institute for Information Systems, the research group Systems Integration deals with the possibilities of networking information systems on a technical level, but also of relating the contents of the different systems to each other.

  • With the goal of developing speech assistance systems that work without access to cloud resources and thus in a privacy-friendly manner, we research the topics of speech recognition, text understanding, and speech synthesis, especially in German. This also includes topics such as chatbots and dialog management.
  • For Industry 4.0, we are developing flexible, digital manufacturing workstations that support employees in the production halls as best as possible in their work. We are currently working on the topic of "Highly Customizable Manufacturing Execution System" (HiCuMES) as part of the ERDF projects "Economy in SMEs 4.0" and "Digital Transformation of SMEs with AI".
  • Virtual Reality opens up new potentials for learning applications, esp. in areas that are expensive, dangerous or difficult to do in physical reality. We are researching highly immersive and interactive learning applications, e.g. in the field of electrical engineering and nursing.