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Prof. Dr. Oliver Mauroner

Business Department

Graduate School

Prof. Dr. Oliver Mauroner | Hof University of Applies Sciences

Contact details


Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof


Campus Hof | Building C | Room C144

Office hours

via Zoom (according to prior e-mail arrangement)


Technology-oriented innovation and start-up management



Selected Publications: 

Zakoth, D.; Mauroner, O.; Emes, J.; Diederich, B. (2022): Digitale Technologien als Wegbereiter für Startups: Eine Fallstudie zum 3D-Druck in der Photonik. In: Gerth, S.; Heim, L. (Hrsg.): Entrepreneurship der Zukunft: Digitale Technologien und der Wandel von Geschäftsmodellen. Wiesbaden: Springer, S. 223-245. 

Poehlmann, K.; Helm, R.; Mauroner, O.; Auburger, J. (2021). Corporate spin-offs’ success factors: management lessons from a comparative empirical analysis with research-based spin-offs. Review of Managerial Science, 15, 1, pp. 1767–1796.

Mauroner, O.; Zschau, L. (2021). Idea Generation and Brainstorming under the Aspect of the New Groupthink-The Differences between Extraverts and Introverts. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 21, 4, pp. 41-62. DOI: 

Mauroner, O.; Kesselberg, J. (2021). Der Einfluss von Open Innovation auf die Markenwahrnehmung. Transfer – Zeitschrift für Kommunikation und Markenmanagement, 67, 2, pp. 16-22. 

Zakoth, D.; Mauroner, O. (2020). Industry-specific makerspaces: Opportunities for collaboration and open innovation. Management international, 24, 5, pp. 88-99. DOI:

Helm, R.; Mauroner, O.; Pöhlmann, K. (2018). Towards a better understanding of performance measurements: the case of research-based spin-offs. Review of Managerial Science, 12, 1, pp. 135-166.  DOI: 

Mauroner, O.; Zorn, J. (2017). Cluster branding - a case study on regional cluster initiatives, cluster man- agement, and cluster brands. International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development (IJIRD), 7, 4, pp. 290-312; DOI: 10.1504/IJIRD.2017.086234 

Mauroner, O (2016): Makers, hackers, DIY-innovation, and the strive for entrepreneurial opportunities. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IJESB), 31, 1, pp. 32-46; DOI: