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Prof. Michael Zöllner

Assistant Dean Department of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences

Institute for Information Systems (iisys)
Research Group Leader RG Interaction & Data Driven Design

Department of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences

Prof. Michael Zöllner | Hof University of Applies Sciences

Contact details


Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof


Campus Münchberg | Building X


Interaction Design


"With us, students should be inspired early on to understand new technologies as tools that enable them to design experimentally, confidently and emancipated." 

Prof. Zöllner was appointed Professor of Interaction Design in 2012. He studied design at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and at the imedia Academy (RISD) in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Before and during his studies, he worked for several years for interactive agencies such as Pixelpark AG and a.f.i.m. GmbH for clients such as Adidas, Bertelsmann and Vitra, before moving to the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD) in Darmstadt in 2003, first as an assistant scientist and then in 2005 as a research assistant in the Virtual and Augmented Reality department. From 2009 to mid-2010, he was deputy department head and head of the Augmented Reality department. His research focused on the design and development of interaction technologies such as mobile augmented reality applications, interactive trade show and museum exhibits, and multi-touch solutions for industry and cultural heritage. From 2006 to 2009, he served as scientific director of the EU-funded research project iTACITUS. From 2010 to 2011 he led the research projects CHESS (EU) and MotionBank (German Federal Cultural Foundation).

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Michael Zöllner, Andreas Zapf, Nhan Duc Truong, and Stefanie Scheer
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Didier Stricker, Alain Pagani and Michael Zöllner:
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Arqueológica 2.0, Sevilla, 17-20 June 2009

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Schroeter, P. von; Jürgensen, B.; Zoellner, Michael:
Cercon Move – A Navigation Aid for Dental CAD Applications.
In: International Journal of Computerized Dentistry 7 (2004), 4, pp. 371-377

Interaction and Information Design

Interaction design revolves around the design of the dialogue between people and digital systems. While this dialogue used to focus primarily on human-machine interaction via mouse and keyboard, today it takes place in the midst of a constantly evolving world full of mobile, networked digital systems (smartphones, tablets, installations, physical, IoT, robotics, machine learning...).

As interaction designers, we have the task of actively accompanying and positively influencing this development towards new products and systems from the very beginning. It is about exploring new, experimental forms of interaction to make the dialogue with new technologies a positive experience for the user. These emerging technologies require new forms of interaction that include haptic, gestural, auditory and olfactory interfaces in addition to visual ones.

In addition to traditional design tools, this task requires new digital and analog tools to develop concepts, conduct experiments and develop prototypes. We teach the necessary strategies and knowledge to express oneself creatively and conceptually in this new field, but also to learn to assess future technologies, in seminars and applied projects in collaboration with museums, companies and research institutes.

Current topics we work on in seminars and projects include interactive, informative installations for museums, exhibitions and fairs.

Ausstellung Walderlebniszentrum Mehlmeisel (2021)

Co-Learning Lab (2021)

Symotiv (2019)

Werkleitz Festival Katalog Style Transfer (2019)

Theatrum Mundi (2018)

Co-Learning Lab (2017)

okinesio (2016)