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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Wolff

Vice President Academic Affairs

Head Staff Unit Digitalisation of Academic Affairs

Head Staff Unit Room Booking Services

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Wolff | Hof University of Applies Sciences

Contact details


Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Office hours

by arrangement


Information and communication systems for operational tasks

Task area

Vice President Academic Affairs, Research Group Leader Innovative Health Care


After winning the funding project in the Future Centers AI program of the BMAS, I founded a research group "Innovative Health Care" at the university's iisys computer science institute.

I am also responsible for the ii.oo project at Hof University of Applied Sciences, a collaborative project of new Bavarian universities on digital testing, funded by the Foundation Innovations in University Teaching.

With the founding of the Faculty of Innovative and Interdisciplinary Sciences (INWISS for short), I moved into it.

Since the summer semester of 2015, I have been accompanying the office of Vice President for Teaching at Hof University of Applied Sciences, and I am particularly concerned with the continuous development of quality assurance and our processes within the framework of system accreditation, the campus management system, spatial planning, and especially the Digital Awakening of Teaching (Project DAL), with which we are continuously developing our teaching and thus preparing our graduates for the challenges of the digital world.

Since this year I am professor for "Information and Communication Systems for Operational Tasks" at the Faculty of Engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences. You can find my lectures below.

In an honorary capacity, I also represent the interests of research and consulting in the social economy through the Fachverband Informationstechnologie in Sozialwirtschaft und Sozialverwaltung (FINSOZ e.V.).

With my knowledge of and networking in the social economy, I am also active as a business and digitalization/IT consultant through ConsultSocial GbR.

Most recently, before university, I spent 7 years as managing director of MICOS GmbH, a software and consulting company specializing in the healthcare industry (care for the disabled, the elderly, children/youth and related areas), where I was responsible for sales, consulting, product management, support and software development.

From this activity, I have numerous contacts in the healthcare industry and am still involved today, especially in the topics of interoperability and ambient assisted living.

After completing my doctorate, I moved to MACH AG in Lübeck, a company specializing in software and consulting for public-sector clients, including universities, in the areas of finance, processes and human resources. There I worked as IT consultant, project manager as well as IT sales and authorized signatory.

During a 12-year period in the German Federal Armed Forces, I first completed training as an officer in the maintenance force, then studied mechanical engineering at Helmut Schmidt University (University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg) and, after 1.5 years in an officer's assignment, finally obtained my doctorate at the same university as an assistant at the Chair of Control Engineering on the subject of "A cytotoxicological test method using modern image processing and pattern recognition methods". Parallel to the doctorate, I created software programs for the company Beiersdorf in Hamburg on a self-employed basis.

Current lectures:

  • Traditional and Agile Project Management (Bachelor)
  • Quality and Business Process Management (Bachelor)
  • Collaboration and e-learning systems (Bachelor)
  • Process Management - Leadership and Organization of Projects and Processes (Master)
  • Agile Project Management (Master)
  • Information and Process Management (Master)

Further lectures:

  • IT in Healthcare (Bachelor)
  • Sales Communication / Presentation and Communication (Bachelor)
  • Management of logistic processes (including internship with logistic company projects (Master)

Current in degree programs:

  • Innovative Healthcare (Bachelor)
  • Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Business Information Systems (Bachelor)
  • International Project Management (Master)
  • Compliance (Continuing Education Master)
  • Operational Excellence / General Management 

(Continuing Education Master)

Other coureses of study:

  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Environmental Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Materials Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Business Administration (part-time Bachelor)
  • Health and Care Management (part-time Bachelor)
  • Logistics (Master)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor and Master)


For students:

I would be happy to supervise you during your practical work, bachelor thesis or even master thesis.

The topic should be in the field of project management, business process management or computer science/IT. Due to many years of experience, I can also support topics from marketing, sales and controlling.

There are almost no restrictions regarding the industries. Whether production, trade, service, gladly also times health service, I align myself after you.

Many companies in the region, but also throughout Germany, are looking for bachelor and master students (and usually also for new employees). Please contact me if you have not yet found your own internship.


For companies:

If you are interested in having one of our students help you solve your current challenges as part of their internship and/or bachelor thesis, please let me know:

Many students at our university are also interested in shorter internships, jobs during semester breaks or working as a student trainee. You are welcome to contact me about this as well.

My main areas of research and consulting are:

  • IT in healthcare and the social economy
  • horizontal and vertical interoperability of IT systems
  • classical and agile project management, especially in the non-profit sector
  • business process management - from analysis to optimization and renewal or implementation
  • mapping of business processes in software applications
  • software selection process
  • mobile applications for process support
  • Key figures - setting up key figure systems and key performance indicators for IT, project and business process management
  • Document management, workflow and archiving systems

My networks:

  • Association for Information Technology in Social Economy and Social Administration - FINSOZ e.V. - Digital Association for the Social Economy
  • Contacts to many associations of the social economy and health IT as well as to the corresponding federal and Bavarian ministries
  • Member of the ConSozial congress advisory board
  • Member of various expert groups on telematics infrastructure
  • Member of the Bavarian expert group on care innovations
  • almost 3,000 xing contacts and 1,500 especially international LinkedIn contacts



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