Academic calendar

Summer semester 2019 
Duration03/15/2019 - 09/30/2019
Start of lecture period03/18/2019
End of lecture period07/10/2019
Exams07/11/2019 - 07/31/2019
Lecture-free periods 
Campus holiday*04/11/2019 -04/15/019
Easter04/18/2019 - 04/23/2019
Public holiday (May Day)05/01/2019
Public holiday (Ascension Day)05/30/2019
Public holiday (Pentecost)06/07/2019 - 06/11/2019
Public holiday (Corpus Christi)06/20/2019
Semester holiday08/01/2019- 09/30/2019
Other important dates and deadlines 
Exam registration05/03/2019 - 05/15/2019
Re-registration for the coming semester07/01/2019 - 08/13/2019
Start of the lecture period (winter 2019/2020)


Winter semester 2019/20 
Duration01-Oct-2019 to 14-Mar-2020
Start of lecture period01-Oct-2019
End of lecture period24-Jan-2020
Exams25-Jan-2020 to 14-Feb-2020
Lecture-free periods 
Public holiday (Reuinifaction day)03-Oct-2019
Public holiday (All Hallows)


Campus holiday*04-Oct-2019
Christmas vacation21-Dec-2019 to 06-Jan-2020
Semester vacation15-Feb-2020 to 14-Mar-2020
Other important dates and deadlines 
Exam registration06-Nov-2019 to 18-Nov-2019
Re-registration for the coming semester20-Dec-2019 to 23-Jan-2020
Start of the lecture period (summer semester 2020)16-Mar-2020

*The Campus Holiday is either a “floating” holiday or a day designated by the president of the university.



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Campus Münchberg

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