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About the Hof University of Applied Sciences

Founded in 1994, our university forms a very attractive study environment with its modern architecture and state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and dormitories. Here students get first-class, hands-on education at affordable rates. The university is located in the northern Bavarian city of Hof.

Practice-orientation, internationalization (focusing on India) and resource efficiency (focusing on indoor climate systems / water) are at the heart of teaching and research at Hof University, which currently offers 29 bachelor and master degree programs in Business, Computing and Engineering. The two research institutes concentrate on information technology and material sciences. The affiliated Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and University Cooperation boosts cooperation between Bavaria and India. Our campus in Münchberg offers a unique education in Germany, because of the relationship between the economy and the Textile- and Design programs. Companies of upper Franconia also benefit from the centers of excellence and institutes at the University. At the two newly founded research institutes, emphasis is placed on Information Systems and Materials Science. The Bavarian-Indian-Centre for Economy and Universities, which is affiliated with Hof University, is responsible for the coordination and support of the cooperation between Bavaria and India.


Our Mission

Hof University of Applied Sciences is devoted to the education of graduates with a high-level of professional competence in the field of both cognitive knowledge and its instrumental application. We achieve this goal by close co-operation with industry, the integration of working periods and applied research activities. The main focus of teaching and research at our university is practice orientation, internationalisation and resource efficiency.


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Campus Hof

Campus Hof

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Campus Münchberg

Campus Münchberg

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