Prof. Dr. Stefan Wengler

Since 2009 Dr. Wengler has been Professor at Hof University. He is a Faculty member of the Business Department and teaching in various Bachelor and Master Programs primarily the following classes:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Strategic & International Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Global Sales & Key Account Management

In addition to his teaching he is Head of the Research Center "Empirical Research & User Experience" at the Institute of Information Systems (iisys) of Hof University.


Dr. Wengler's current research focus is on topics like

  • Digitization/Internet of Things
  • Key Account Management
  • International Product Management/Development
  • Doing Business in India

He is regularly attending national as well as international Marketing Conferences, working as a reviewer for Journals like the "Industrial Marketing Management" as well as the "Journal of Business Market Management". In addition, he is an external Ph.D. examiner for international institutions like "University of South Australia" in Adelaide, Australia, as well as "Anna University of Technology" in Coimbatore, India.

Selected publications are

  • "Digital transformation in sales as an evolving process", in: Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 36, Issue xx, pp. xx-xx. (in collaboration with Gabriele Hildmann and Ulrich Vossebein) [in print]

  • "Principles of Marketing in the Digital Era: Theories - Tools - Case Studies", Riedl, J./Wengler, S (Eds.): Reihe "AccessMM Grundlagen", Access Marketing Management e.V., October 2020.

  • "Digital transformation in sales as an evolutionary process", in: Tanner, J. F./Fournier, C. (Eds.): "Proceedings of the Annual Global Sales Science Institute Conference", Montpellier 2020. (in collaboration with Gabriele Hildmann and Ulrich Vossebein)

  • "Autonomous Driving 2019 - Driving Forces and Restrictions on the Way to Autonomous Driving from the Perspective of Drivers", AccessMM Consumer Insights, Access Marketing Management e.V., Dezember 2019. (in collaboration with Joachim Riedl)

  • "Regaining Influence in the Sales Process by Implementing an integrated Market Intelligence", in: Davis, L./Hautamäki, P. (Eds.): Proceedings on 'The Sales Ecosystem – defining and exploring how various levels of connection and interaction affect the selling process', Panama 2019. (in collaboration with Gabriele Hildmann and Ulrich Vossebein)

  • "The business type as the starting point for digital transformation in sales management", in: Leach, M./Pezenka, I./Prem, M. (Eds.): Proceedings on 'Sales 2020 - Managing customer relationships in disruptive environments', Wien 2018, S. 31-35. (in collaboration with Gabriele Hildmann and Ulrich Vossebein)

  • "Status-Quo on the Digitalization of the Sales Process in German companies", in: Dixon, A./Le Bon, J. (Eds.): Proceedings on 'New Frontiers in Sales Research & Education in a global & sustainable World', Mauritius 2017, S. 34-39. (in collaboration with Gabriele Hildmann and Ulrich Vossebein)
  • "Breeding the Key Account Manager of Tomorrow", in: Deeter-Schmelz, D./Hosoi, K./Tsuye/, K. (Eds.): Proceedings on 'Sales Force Skill Development: How can we improve Selling Ability?', Hiroshima 2015, pp. 33-39.
  • "The Appropriateness of the Key Account Management Organization", in: Woodburn, D./Wilson, K. (Eds.): Handbook of Strategic Account Management, Chichester 2014, pp. 317-336.

  • "The Appropriateness of the Key Account Management Organization", in: Journal of Business Market Management, Vol. 1, Heft 4, November 2007, pp. 253-272.

  • "Key Account Management in Business-to-Business-Markets – An Assessment of its Economic Value", Wiesbaden 2006.
  • "Implementation of key account management – who, why, how?" in: Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 35, Issue 1, January 2006, pp. 103-112. (in collaboration with Michael Ehret and Samy Saab)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wengler | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wengler

Business Department
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Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
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Room: C 116
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Wednesday, from 14:00 to 15:00
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General Business Management
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