A new department at Hof University of Applied Sciences

A division into faculties according to subject-specific aspects characterizes the current higher education landscape. However, in innovative fields strongly influenced by interdisciplinarity, such as health care, urban and quality-of-life development, or communication design, an integrating holistic approach is required. Different disciplines are involved in solving problems. Friction losses can only be prevented by a multidisciplinary approach.

Hof University of Applied Sciences has therefore established a new Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences in 2021, which offers teaching and research in areas that require a high degree of interdisciplinary work on the one hand and are characterized by innovation on the other.

Following this guiding principle, the courses of study are designed to meet the challenges of the labor market and the general environment through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work. In addition, we pay attention to the constant inclusion of potential innovations. Our students are to be sensitized to other structures as well as new technologies; in addition, the topic of start-ups and entrepreneurship is also an important component.

The "Communication Design" degree program, which has already been successfully offered at the Münchberg site for many years, and the "Innovative Healthcare" bachelor's degree program, which will start at the new Kronach site for the first time in winter semester 21/22, are the first "sprouts" of our new faculty. They will develop into a colorful bouquet of different bachelor's and master's degree programs in the coming years and be enriched by application-oriented research.

The new faculty is committed to the basic principles of Hof University's mission statement. We see ourselves as an interdisciplinary, customer-oriented and resource-efficient division of the university. We want to reduce barriers between disciplines to ensure a high level of employability for our students. At the same time, we want to sensitize them to the careful use of scarce resources and, through application-oriented research, help science to meet the challenges facing our society and businesses better.

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