Admission for the Master Applied Research in Computer Science

Admission prerequisites

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, media informatics, mobile computing or business information systems or comparable study programs
  • Above average grades in object-oriented programming, software engineering, computer networks and databases
  • Written application that includes your bachelor thesis or another scientific paper you authored, a certification about an internship or practical work of at least 18 weeks and a two-page literature review about a research topic that is dealt with in one of the iisys research groups
  • Oral exam with questions and discussion of a case study presented by you (can be done via video chat)

The detailled information can be found in the SPO (in German language). For a list of research topics have a look here

You can apply online.

Admission process

  • 01.05.-30.06. / 15.11.-15.01. (winter/summer): admission period; fill out the online forms and turn in your certificates (more information at our website)
  • Mid of July / start of February (winter/summer):  
    you get your admission for the oral exam
  • End of July / mid of February: oral exam
  • Start of August / end of February: you get your admission for the research master
  • September / March: online enrollment.
  • 01.10. / 15.03.: your studies can start



Campus Hof

95028 Hof

Campus Münchberg

Kulmbacher Str. 76
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