Degree program structure Master Marketing

The degree program is offered as a full-time course and is completely modularized. It is possible to start in the summer semester as well as in the winter semester.

The students have large degrees of freedom regarding the organization of the course sequence and the choice of required electives. The timetable grants sufficient space for independent study and group work.

Due to the assignment of qualified lecturers from the field, several courses are executed as block courses, partly as weekend seminars and at external locations.

Core subjects of the degree program:

  • Service and Trade Marketing
  • Dialogue Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Law
  • Investment Goods Marketing and Technical Distribution
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Online Marketing and Ecommerce
  • Regional Marketing and Management of Public Enterprises
  • Market Research Project
  • Seminar Case Studies Marketing Research
  • Case Studies Strategic/International Management
  • Marketing Controlling
  • Business Game Marketing and Management
  • Negotiation and Moderation
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Consumer Behaviour

Exemplary additional optional subjects of past semesters:

  • Five Sense Branding
  • Global Marketing Strategies
  • Studies of Empirical Market Segmentation
  • Business Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Business Plan
  • Business Promotion

The respective subjects, their extent and type of examination can be looked up in the current version of the study regulation.

For questions regarding the time schedule of the individual study the file Overview of the marketing training can be used.

The Master’s thesis needs to be executed as an empirical work with an own data collection, usually as a freely selectable research project or in collaboration with a company. For all marketing related topics a supervising lecturer is available.

The topic can already be determined in the second semester, usually the third semester is available for the processing. Empirical researches of our students are extensively supervised by an additional lecturer.

Further information can be found in our overview.

Presentation of own researches in the Marketing Colloquium

Data analysis at the workstations in the call centre

Joint decision-making in the Marketing Business Game



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