Practical projects

Marketing training via dry run?

Lecture – lecture – lecture?

Not with us!

Each semester we carry out practical projects such as

  • Customer surveys

  • Positioning studies

  • Shop inspections

  • etc.

For those who are interested in empirical work, in marketing there are always opportunities for activity. Part of the training are also basics of empiric social research, the relevant data evaluation methods, the implementation in concise research reports as well as the data presentation.

You will practice your presentation skills within numerous lectures. The processing and discussion of practice-based examples is continuously practiced by the participants.

Practice-oriented and diversified teaching methods are applied. Besides didactic teaching the subject matter is deepened with the following methods amongst others:

  • Business game with the application of the market-leading software in the German-speaking area (Topsim)

  • Independent study with the application of a professional web-based training (Nitor)

  • Practical projects concerning data collection and evaluation for leading companies and for public authority

  • Group work and –presentation

  • Evaluation of the performance of fellow students by fellow students within the seminar Presentation Techniques

  • Autonomous topic selection, -preparation and moderation within the lecture Marketing-Colloquium

Examples of realized projects:

  • Study regarding extent and effects of littering

  • Positioning of selected distributors from different branches of the retail sector

  • Image study for the zoo in Hof

  • Use and evaluation of factory outlets in the district of Hof

  • Image of the Hof University from the students’ perspective

  • Citizen survey on the bus service in the old town of Hof

  • Use of catalogues by typical shipping customers

  • Image analysis of the theatre in Hof

  • Positioning of a department store

  • Demand of selected branches for graduates of specific degree programs

  • Customer satisfaction at a full mail order business

  • Image positioning of the big five discounters in Germany

  • Evaluation of a special catalogue

  • Start-up behaviour of university graduates

  • Evaluation of the city by the employees of a regional authority

  • Reasons for studying in Hof for national and international applicants


Examples of practical research projects, which have been carried out by fellow students within their empirical Master’s thesis in the last two semesters:

  • Customer satisfaction and procurement criteria towards a nationwide operating window manufacturer (written survey)

  • Use of the DFB web shop (online survey)

  • Positioning of factory outlets (mystery shopping)

  • Expert study for design products of a plastic manufacturer at customers in the furniture industry (expert discussion)

  • Market study for third-party products in the United Arab Emirates (online desk research and telephone interviews)

  • Customer survey via telephone for a spring producer in the French market (CATI in the marketing lab’s call centre)

  • Analysis of the viewers of the FC Bayern München event (face-to-face survey at the Allianz Arena)

  • Criteria for a flagship store of Loewe in China (expert discussion in Shanghai)

  • Usability analysis for the online presence of a leading provider of tax advisory services (eye tracking in the marketing lab)

  • Study regarding the relevant motives of children’s buying behaviour towards sports shoes by PUMA (observing and questioning)

  • Influence of children’s opinion on the purchase of bars of a leading producer of FMCG (observing and questioning at POS)

  • Activating impact of video messages and their effects on campaigns of viral marketing (study via EDR-measuring)



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