Occupational field Marketing


Jobs in marketing and distribution are amongst the most important occupational areas for graduates of economic and related degree programs. Even graduates from non-economic degree programs often take their first job in the field of distribution.

The demand for graduates with a funded training in matters of marketing and distribution in business practice is expressed over and over again. These requirements can hardly be met in the core subject area within a business management degree program since there is not enough time for specialization subjects of marketing, work on case studies and the deepening on the basis of practical projects. This gap is closed by the new postgraduate program Marketing Management, which the university executes in collaboration with the institution of higher education Amberg-Weiden.

The focus is put on the empirically relevant areas such as market research, market segmentation, direct marketing and distribution. Deliberately, there is no limitation with regard to economic sectors. That means that aspects of consumer goods-, investment goods- and service sector are included equally.

International matters are part of lectures and case studies. Also the concerns of medium-sized companies are particularly taken into consideration in all lectures.

Case studies, practical exercises and business games represent the larger percentage in comparison to common teaching. Corresponding with the subsequent professional requirements, a high measure of dedication and participation is expected from the students.

The study concept was determined taking into consideration the requirements of business practice. Due to the deepening of contents and the decided practice orientation of the degree program graduates are expected to have good prospects on the job market.

Degree program objective


The collaboration with the institution of higher education Amberg-Weiden and the inclusion of qualified teachers grants a pool of top-class lecturers for the training of prospective marketing managers.

Having passed the Master’s examination, the Hof University of Applied Sciences awards the academic degree of a Master in Marketing Management.

The degree enables the graduates to take management positions in marketing and distribution of production- and service companies as well as challenging positions in business consultancy.



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