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Entrance requirements


Qualification requirements for the admission to the Master’s degree program are:

Alternative: Applicants with an overall grade better than 3,0 can be admitted insofar they have a special qualification for this degree program, e.g. complete studying abroad, relevant professional experience or an expert opinion.

  • The passing of the assessment of suitability. This is executed on the basis of three documents.

1) A CV (maximum 2 pages)

2) A Letter of Intent (maximum 2 pages), including a description of the applicant’s expectations and the personal motivation regarding the degree program

3) A short description (maximum 2 pages) of a current Case Study accessible by public media of the applicant’s own choice. This may be e.g. an acquisition, a diversification or a location decision by a known company, thus a process where the applicant recognizes an important question regarding management or marketing. Further information on the case study can be found here.

  • The standard language of instruction is German. Applicants need to be able to follow lectures and take exams in German language. Since the case studies covered during the studies frequently are in English, knowledge of English is essential.



  • Here you find information regarding the incurring costs.
  • In individual cases minor contributions for travel costs and accommodation may arise.



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