Program structure - Innovative Textiles (B.Eng)

Program structure


Industry or
Hof University
or abroad

and Thesis
(1 semester
/ 1/2 year)

  • Project Work (18 weeks)
  • Bachelor Thesis (12 weeks)
Hof UniversitySpecialization
(2 sem /
1 year)
  • Textile Finishing, Coating + Industrial Fibers, Coating Technology for Thin Layers, Textile Dyeing,Textile Composites, Mechanical Properties and Testing Methods, Conditioning of Polymer Surfaces, Textile Chemistry, Technical Textiles - Knitted Fabrics, Textile Printing, Textile Dyeing, Extrusion Technology, Project Work
  • medium of instruction: english language
  • also including language courses
Hof UniversityCore Area
(2 sem  /
1 year)
  • Analytic Chemistry, Technical Studies for Knit Structures, Product Design, Teamwork and Time Management, Non Wovens, Weaving, Basic Material Science for Engineers, Presentation and Communication, Quality Management, Knitting, Principles of Textile finishing, Spinning
  • medium of instruction: english language
  • also including language courses


Basic Studies
(4 sem  /
2 years)

  • Mathematics for Engineers, Statistics, Mechanical Design, Organic Chemistry, Textile Raw Materials, Testing of Textiles, Analysis, Business Administration for Engineers, Statics and Strength of Materials, Principles of Information Technology, General and Inorganic Chemistry, Textile Production
  • also including language courses



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