The best way to predict the future is to create it

You want to help, support and collaborate with different professionals to... engineers, find technical solutions that people like and can easily incorporate into their lives in order to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. caregivers, can reduce the effort of planning and documentation through new technologies in order to have more time for the people they care for. computer scientists, not only increase sales through new technical progress, but above all improve people's quality of life.

...get socially involved in a social year and to contribute new ideas to the social professions. educators, put the child back at the center of the society - not the administration. a physiotherapist, to enable patients to receive long-term treatment through digital applications in order to lead them to the causes of their problems. a member of the mountain rescue team, enable people to receive help regardless of location, infrastructure or digital competence. a grandchild, maintain the independence of their grandparents through innovative solutions.

Then you've come to the right place!

Be part of it and create the job profiles of the future with us

How are innovations actually used in social and health care? Where can they be used in a meaningful way? And how can their implementation be optimally supported in practice?

To this end, there will be new job profiles in the future who know the potential of new technologies in the field of digitalisation and robotics and can accompany their introduction.

This will support and relieve the burden on people working in the healthcare sector. In this way, the human "resource" can be used where it is urgently needed and cannot and should not be replaced. Innovative technologies open up the possibility for patients and caring relatives to live longer in a self-determined way at home.

You can find out exactly what these jobs are below.

Take some time to gain an insight into your future professional life as a caregiver:





Health Application Engineer"

Click on the start button to start your individual tour planning. In addition, their activities can be documented with little effort. The medicines are also checked against a database in the background so that they can be ordered automatically. Kevin regularly holds training sessions in outpatient care facilities. In addition, he is the contact person for questions or feedback about the apps, and ultimately he takes care of their continuous development and improvement. Kevin works closely with the nursing staff, after all, he wants to help them work healthier.

IT Architect for eHealth

Representatives of clinics, health insurance companies, physiotherapists and pharmacies sit together at one table. Ronja moderates the meeting and outlines the possible design of the new telematics infrastructure (TI). Ronja is a member of MedArch, an organisation that ensures a uniform architecture and is supposed to network all participants in the health care system. In addition to moderating, Ronja is allowed to prepare the migration of the various systems and is also the contact person for the manufacturers and service providers of the TI.

Health IT specialist

One click - and the data is updated and available on the MedDat platform. Chris is responsible for the further development of the hospital information systems. Just last week, there was a company party because he was able to completely detach the digital patient documentation from the paper form through his latest implementation. The nurses can now document their work processes with the help of their SmartGlasses. This saves 2-3 hours a day, which they can use more intensively for the patients. Chris always wanted to help people in the health sector, but he also wanted to live out his technical affinity. Now, with his job, he can apply his enthusiasm for IT to improve the workflows in care.


Healthcare Data Manager

Not only data collection, but also the evaluation of the obtained health data plays a major role in health & social care. This enables predictions to be made about health challenges and the measures applied to be evaluated more quickly. Does the fall-sensitive mat achieve its effect of safety and ability to react quickly? Can Mr. Hummel really participate in life again in a self-determined way thanks to his blind glasses that read out writing to him?

Data evaluation and assessment - These are core tasks from Valerie's job as Healthcare Data Manager. She keeps an eye on the data obtained from her company's health applications and, together with a team of medical professionals, technicians and IT specialists, derives optimised treatment approaches and product improvements for her customers. In this way, she contributes to enabling users to live a more self-determined life in their own homes and to improving their quality of life.

Usability and User Experience Coach E-Health

If technologies are not designed in a user-friendly way, the eagerly awaited introduction is often followed by frustration and anger on the part of the user. Especially in the case of e-health applications, such as telemedicine services, apps for tracking symptoms or monitoring the health status of clients, wearables for recording fitness data or supporting dietary changes, or even emergency buttons, e.g. in assisted living facilities, errors in operation can have much more far-reaching consequences.

Annabell has specialised in precisely this area. She creates personas and usage scenarios for a medical technology company and tests the usability and user experience of the applications in collaboration with people from different target groups.


Health Innovation Manager

A soft beep is heard. Sandra turns around and automatically takes a step to the side. She can't help smiling as R2U drives past her with today's lunch menu to bring the patients their food on time. R2U is an autonomously driving robot that looks like a normal food trolley when it is at a standstill, but independently supplies the patients with food during the day and then takes the dishes back to the kitchen. Sandra is responsible for introducing innovative systems in care and R2U not only improves Sandra's mood. The patients also feel the relief it provides to the nursing staff.

Consultant Digital Transformation Healthcare

Openness and the courage to question systems and want to change are definitely part of Philipp's job. He is a consultant for digital transformation in the healthcare sector and has been involved with health insurance companies and hospitals in the area over the last few years. He has currently completed the process analysis in a smaller Helios clinic and will use it to develop a concept for how work steps will be carried out more digitally - without paper documentation - in the future.


DiGA Product Manager

In front of her, Lucy sees the evaluation of today. It was a new record! Between 11-12:00 her brain showed β-waves - brain waves that occur during stress. Fascinatingly, she was even able to measure α-waves yesterday at the Design Thinking workshop. These are responsible for creative states without analytical thinking. Lucy is a DiGA product manager and regularly receives new, innovative products. If she discovers potential in them, she gets to coordinate their further development and bring them to market. Just a few months ago, she was allowed to test a virtual reality application for the blind. Using audio stimulation, blind people were able to simulate movements in space so that they could virtually walk through the tropical rainforest.


Health scientist with a focus on digitalization

After one week at the ETRIX children's home, Tim has not only grown fond of the children, but also knows the work processes of the educators. Even after this short time, he was able to identify where there is potential for standardisation and thus approaches to digitalisation. In the next few weeks, he will work out a concept with the help of the newly gained knowledge and then introduce it directly on site in the ETRIX. Moderating the working groups and conducting the training sessions are also part of his tasks. This way, his work is really beneficial for the educators and Tim can see the children he has already grown fond of for even longer.

Strategy consultant in the healthcare sector

Founders from the IT and technology sector often have an excellent product idea, but are not familiar with the framework conditions of the health and social market and its financing system, do not have sufficient knowledge of project management and business management, or develop without taking into account the needs of clients and employees.

And that's where Ole comes in. He knows the ins and outs of the health and social market and helps to underpin it with a suitable business and financing model. At the same time, he knows where the shoe pinches for clients, patients and those in need of care, but also for social workers, facility managers, medical staff and carers, and what is important to the end users.

Ole is a strategy consultant in healthcare and supports healthcare start-ups to gain a foothold in the healthcare industry.

A highly attractive profile for many employers such as:

  • Clinics,
  • medical care centres,
  • nursing homes,
  • social institutions,
  • health insurance companies,
  • Federal Employment Agencies,
  • pension insurance institutions,
  • youth and social welfare offices,
  • employers' liability insurance associations,
  • Medical technology providers,
  • robotics manufacturers,
  • the housing industry,
  • consultancies,
  • organisations in health policy.

Of course, the path to self-employment is also open to you!



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