Is it possible to study this course without a high school diploma?

Basically, it is possible to obtain a university entrance qualification even without a high school diploma by showing professional experience.

Can I also submit my university transcript later?

The university entrance qualification can be uploaded until 31.07.2021. As long as this is not there, the application will not be processed further.

What kind of education or profession will be credited?

All. As an interdisciplinary program, we also want to be open and offer opportunities to anyone who is passionate about innovative health care.

Can the course be studied part-time?

In general, any bachelor's degree program can be studied part-time at the student's own responsibility.

How much is the semester fee?

The semester fee is 96.98 € and includes a basic fee of 52 € for the use of SWO services at Hof and the semester ticket for public transport of 44.98 €. The semester ticket includes the lines of HofBus GmbH, the line Hof-Münchberg of DB Regio AG and selected lines of the transport community Bayreuth-Hof between the section Hof and Münchberg.

Does the entire bachelor's program take place in Kronach?

Yes, the bachelor's degree program in Innovative Healthcare is held entirely in Kronach.

Do the exams take place online or in person?

In principle, the exams take place in presence. Due to the general pandemic situation, there may of course be online exams.

Can I work while studying?

Basically, it is also possible to pursue a mini-job alongside a bachelor's degree. Depending on the schedule during the week or on the weekend.

Is there a student dormitory or shared flats in Kronach?

Ms. Antje Tries, together with Ms. Annette Scherbel-Schülein, takes care of the placement of shared apartments and apartments at LCC. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Ms. Tries:

What job opportunities do I have after completing this study program?



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