Is it possible to study this course without a high school diploma?

In principle, it is also possible to obtain a university entrance qualification without an Abitur by proving, for example, the acquisition of a master craftsman's diploma, the completion of a technical school or at least two years of vocational training with at least three years of full-time professional practice.

What kind of education or profession will be credited?

The Innovative Health Care degree programme is an interdisciplinary degree programme at the interface between health and social care, engineering, informatics and management. We therefore want to offer professionally qualified students from as many disciplines as possible the opportunity to study Innovative Healthcare.

Can I also submit my university transcript later?

The university entrance qualification can be uploaded until the application deadline. As long as this is not there, the application will not be processed further.

How much is the semester fee?

The semester fee is 96.98 € and includes a basic fee of 52 € for the use of SWO services at the Hof location and the semester ticket for public transport of 44.98 €. The semester ticket includes the lines of HofBus GmbH, the line Hof-Münchberg of DB Regio AG and selected lines of the transport association Bayreuth-Hof between the section Hof and Münchberg.

As a student at Hof University of Applied Sciences in Kronach, you can apply to be exempted from paying for the semester ticket. The Student Office will contact you in due course. In the meantime, please continue to pay the full semester fee.

Does the entire bachelor's program take place in Kronach?

Yes, the bachelor's degree program in Innovative Healthcare is held entirely in Kronach.

Do the exams take place online or in person?

In principle, the examinations take place in person. Due to the general pandemic situation, there may of course be online examinations.

Can I work while studying?

Basically, it is also possible to pursue a mini-job alongside a bachelor's degree. Depending on the schedule during the week or on the weekend.

Is there a student dormitory or shared flats in Kronach?

Ms Antje Tries from the Lucas-Cranach-Campus Kommunalunternehmen is responsible for arranging shared flats and flats at LCC Kronach. If you have any questions, please contact her by email:

What job opportunities do I have after completing this study program?

Is it possible to complete the Bachelor's degree part-time or while working?

The Bachelor Innovative Health Care is not explicitly offered as a part-time or part-time programme. In principle, every student is free to organise their studies themselves. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the respective student to coordinate all deadlines, attendance dates and professional activities.

What deadlines have to be observed in the study programme?

In the study programme Innovative Health Care, all examinations of the first year of study must be taken for the first time in the third subject semester at the latest.

This means that the modules from the 1st and 2nd subject semester must be taken for the first time by the end of the 3rd subject semester. If they are not taken, they will be assessed with a deadline of five.

To be admitted to the Bachelor's thesis, 150 ECTS must have been earned beforehand.

Please also take a look at the General Examination Regulations of Hof University of Applied Sciences (APO) and the Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's Programme in Innovative Health Care (SPO).

What happens in the case of a deadline five?

Every failed examination - this also includes examinations failed due to a missed deadline - must be repeated for the first time within six months after the result has been announced. For this purpose, students must register for the examination, just as for any other examination.

It is essential to take a look at the General Examination Regulations of Hof University of Applied Sciences (APO).


How many SWS are planned per semester?

30 ECTS points can be acquired per semester.

Thus, 6 lectures with 5 ECTS points each and 4 SWS (45 min. each) are planned per semester. Thus 24 SWS are to be planned per semester.

What is the maximum number of semesters that can be studied?

The standard period of study is 7 semesters.

Just as you must have passed all the examinations of the first year of study by the end of the third semester, you must have passed all the examinations of the entire degree programme once by the end of the ninth semester.

If you have not done so, you will be given fives, which can then be repeated regularly. Theoretically, 12 semesters would also be possible.

Can I do sports in Kronach?

Kronach has a large number of highly committed clubs with a wide range of activities. They offer you the opportunity to spend your free time in a varied way.



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