Innovative Healthcare B.Sc.

Innovative Healthcare - fast facts:

Modules of the health sector, social cconomy and technology

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
(Standard) duration of study: 7 semesters
Admission restriction: none
Preliminary internship: no
Start: winter semester
Teaching language: German 


Take a look at the possible career paths!

Is this the right course of study for me?

Do you want to be part of providing quality health care for all?

Do you want your work to help ensure that people's quality of life is sustainably high?

If you are excited about breaking new ground with us and especially want to learn about the applications of technology and IT in healthcare, you are made for our Innovative Healthcare degree program.

What is it about?

  •     You will learn how technologies work and learn about their possible applications, but also about their limitations.
  •     With us, you don't have to be an IT nerd or an engineering genius.
  •     You will deal with the interdisciplinary interfaces between health care, computer science and engineering.
  •     You'll learn selected content from medicine, psychology, education and management.

Because you will later be the intermediary who will be able to show employees where potentials lie. You can help patients, people in need of care and healthy people with your knowledge.

Innovative healthcare - technology and health work hand in hand

Our Vision:

The increasing density of innovation and information offers great opportunities in the healthcare and social sectors to increase the quality of care and, on the other hand, working conditions. We are helping to ensure that new approaches and technologies spread efficiently. The "stone age" with phenomena such as the ban on remote treatment, the lack of e-prescriptions, paper files and deadlocked structures has already been partially overcome in the health and social services sector, but it is still a long way from arriving in the "future". We are implementing technologies of today while working to develop new approaches. "Design rather than manage" is our thinking maxim. The steamship "traditional health care" has had its day, the future belongs to the spaceship "innovative health care"!


We are looking for...

... young visionaries, creative minds, people with broad interests and real personalities who have one thing in common:

You want to help, support and work with other people? Then take a look at the new professions that you can pursue after this degree!

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You are the link between the professions. Through you, the branches are networked. You provide for more cooperation!






Be part of it and create the job profiles of the future with us

Possible career paths



A highly attractive profile to many employers such as:

  •     Clinics
  •     medical care centers
  •     nursing facilities
  •     Social institutions
  •     health insurance companies
  •     Medical technology providers
  •     robotics manufacturers
  •     Housing industry
  •     Consulting firms
  •     Health policy organizations

The path to self-employment is open, too!

Bridge builders between technology and health and social professions

Research projects





Study contents



Lucas Cranach Campus - more than a university campus

A place to develop, an opportunity to build networks and a free space where creativity and questioning with constructive approaches to solutions is encouraged. 

This is the right space to awaken your courage to try new things. Because here you can work together with us - as people and partners - on something greator.

Contact person for interested students


Hello, I am Sophia and your contact person in the study program Innovative Healthcare.

I graduated from OTH Regensburg with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and information technology and then completed my master's degree in project management at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

My vision is to shape the world and the lives of many people in a more positive way. I want to bring people together and show you how much you are capable of.

Cooperation, mutual support and further development are close to my heart. In the development of the program I am there for you.

If there are still questions, I am available for you

    by mail:
    by chat (Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp) +49 15 153932 007

or also by phone.



Prof. Dr. Gerald Schmola | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Gerald Schmola

Department of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: B 133
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4091
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4091
E-Mail: gerald.schmolahof-university.LÖ

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff

Department of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences
Innovative Gesundheitsversorgung

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: A 140
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4630
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4630
E-Mail: dietmar.wolffhof-university.LÖ

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