Program structure - Economic and organizational sociology (B.A.)

7Practice + Areas of SpecializationBachelor Seminar; Bachelor's Thesis; Empirical Organizational Sociology; Human Rescources Development (E); Individual and Collective Labor Law; Case Study Seminar
6 Optional Subject; Organization of Social Innovations; Common Good Economy / CSR; Strategic Communication and Networking; Sociological Research Seminar


Practical Experience and Practical Training Seminar
4Areas of PrinciplesQuantitative Methods; Statistics II; Introduction to Statistical Software; Negotiation, Mediation and Conflictmanagement; Leadership (E); Industrial and Organizational Psychology
3Motivation and Acting; English II; Quality Management; Scientific Work; Project Management and Team Work (E); Qualitative Methods
2Introduction to Business Administration; Human Resources and Organizational Management; Microsociology; Statistics I; Principles of Marketing (E); Basics of Commercial Law; Principles of Economics
1Introduction to Sociology; General Psychology; Presentation and Moderation Skills; Cross-Cultural Competence (E); English I; Business Mathematics; Introduction to Digital Business (E)



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